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Our Secret Garden: Yongsan-Gu City Hall Building

Sam and I have been visiting the Yongsan-Gu City Hall building frequently and it is quickly becoming our own secret garden. Since the building was close to our home I decided to pack us up and check it out. I'll have to admit I didn't have very high expectations for a City Hall building. I was delightfully surprised at the wonderful things we discovered!

When we first walked up to the building I noticed the huge container vegetable garden in front of the building. I had a mini homeschooling lesson with Sam about where our food comes from. I was able to show her what eggplant, corn, peppers, zucchini, and watermelon look like when growing! There is even a miniature hut that Sam had a blast climbing into and running around. 
To the right of the front doors are a few statues and a cute petrified wood picnic area. We had another opportunity to learn what the inside of a tree looks like. I also noticed there were bike rentals on the basement level! 
When we first walked into the bui…