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Subway in Seoul with a Toddler

I've been preparing for this blog post almost since we moved here. I'm not sure why it has taken me this long to write it all out. Perhaps I'm waiting to know everything? Impossible, never going to happen!

Here are some myths about the subway in Seoul that I quickly discovered to be FALSE!

Myth: You can't take a baby stroller into the subway.
Truth: (Disclaimer, although false, the fastest way in and out of the subway without a doubt is to wear your sippy cup sojourner. If there are times were convenience and need dictate you use a stroller, it is possible!)
FALSE! Almost all the subway stations in Seoul have some type of help for mommy and stroller. You aren't always going to find the perfect elevator that takes you from entrance to train and back but there are ways to do it. 
The best advice I have is carry a small stroller, not necessarily an umbrella stroller but I've found strollers with a width of less than 26 inches are best. When I went to buy Sam a new stro…