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Quick Stop in Cusco and San Pedro Market with Kids

We decided to just use Cusco as a stop over during our trip to and from. Several people choose to spend a night in the city and I can, without a doubt, see the benefit of that. We ended up having to take a long cab ride in order to make the train schedule line up with the flight schedules. Read more about that here. We were on a time limit so we decided to just fly in and out of Cusco and make a quick stop to the San Pedro Market Place.

We took a walk around and then picked a spot to eat. The food smelled delectable and tasted great! Sam was smitten with the chicken soup we ordered! The food wasn't refrigerated before cooking but looked amazingly fresh so I wasn't too worried. If you have an infant I would consider bringing some prepared food for the trip.  We also took the opportunity to grab some fruits as snacks for the plane ride!
This was a wonderfully inexpensive place to grab some souvenirs. For SCS mommy a local baby carrier/wrap was just the thing! We use it …