Postal Museum in Washington D.C. with Kids

I'll be the first to admit it, the Postal Museum didn't make our family short list of places in D.C. Only after doing a small community helper unit with Sam at home did I look up what to expect at the museum. I'm so sad it took us this long to go visit!  

The museum is amazing! Two stories of interactive and fascinating exhibits not only for the kids but for the grown ups too!

The website does a great job of giving recommended itineraries as well as a calendar to let you know when special events are happening. I took Sam in February for the Valentine's activity. The event was free to the public (this aspect of D.C. never gets old). Craft tables were laid out with glues, old stamps, and cards. The kids worked diligently creating unique Valentine's Day cards for their loved ones. 

Driving there was easy during the weekday with plenty of street parking around the building. 

If you don't want to drive around looking for parking look into Parking Panda in D.C.

Here are a few highlights from our visit.

Scanning Packages

Sorting Boxes

The museum houses airplanes suspended from the ceiling as well as a life size replica of a postal coach, horses included.
It also had a real railway service car in the middle of the museum where the kids can enter and sort mail! 
Sam was smitten with the entire facility and fell in love with the story of Owney, the railway pup. Thankfully they had a wonderful gift shop filled with unique treasures. We were able to take an Owney puppy home with us!
After our trip to the museum our stomachs started to rumble for lunch. Across the street is Union Station. There is plenty of shopping and a food court inside.

SCS Fast Facts:
- Elevators (Stroller Friendly)
- Baby Changing Areas

- Food In Union Station next door

Helpful Websites:
The Postal Museum Website