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Polar Bears at the Maryland Zoo in Winter

Brrr...... It's cold outside. What better time to head over and say hello to the polar bears at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore? 

Sam and I spent a week learning about polar bears! Hearing her tell me she needed more blubber, while she shivered, was well worth the trip! The Polar Bear exhibit far exceeded my expectations. I was researching polar bears and kept finding information about the Churchill Tours. I'll admit, I daydreamed about taking Sam there, before the bears disappear. We settled on the Baltimore Zoo. As we approached the polar bear exhibit I realized there was no need to head to Canada, the zoo brought Churchill to us! 

The exhibit houses a Tundra Buggy Observation Area. Sam was able to board the buggy and check out the polar bears from above. 
She could sit in the seats, drive the bus, watch polar bear videos, and even explore polar bear bones. Did you know that counting the rings in a polar bear's tooth with tell you the age of the bear? One of the many interest…