The Building Museum In Washington, D.C.

The Building Museum In Washington, D.C.

Most of the attractions in D.C. are free so when something is paid for I have high expectations. The website was so flashy and boasted such get stylized photos; I was excited. Then when we arrived it was lack luster at best. (This is part of the reason you will never find stylized photos on my blog. I want you to see what it really looks like!!) The building itself was amazing, great architecture and design for the adults to enjoy. 

Most the the halls and rooms are empty. This building is mostly used as an event space. The museum is a secondary function. The kids' space, The Building Zone, on the first floor was "sold out" for the entire day when we went. 

The kids area upstairs was interesting and fun to explore for Sam but not worth the entrance fee. 

Over all it was a museum I would skip unless you're really bored and the weather is bad. The best part was the large gift shop. Interesting finds for adults and children.

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SCS Fast Facts:
Designated Kids Play Areas
Stroller Friendly (Elevators)
Baby Changing Areas
Food Area Inside