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Postal Museum in Washington D.C. with Kids

I'll be the first to admit it, the Postal Museum didn't make our family short list of places in D.C. Only after doing a small community helper unit with Sam at home did I look up what to expect at the museum. I'm so sad it took us this long to go visit!

The museum is amazing! Two stories of interactive and fascinating exhibits not only for the kids but for the grown ups too!

The website does a great job of giving recommended itineraries as well as a calendar to let you know when special events are happening. I took Sam in February for the Valentine's activity. The event was free to the public (this aspect of D.C. never gets old). Craft tables were laid out with glues, old stamps, and cards. The kids worked diligently creating unique Valentine's Day cards for their loved ones. 

Driving there was easy during the weekday with plenty of street parking around the building. 

If you don't want to drive around looking for parking look into Parking Panda in D.C.

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Polar Bears at the Maryland Zoo in Winter

Brrr...... It's cold outside. What better time to head over and say hello to the polar bears at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore? 

Sam and I spent a week learning about polar bears! Hearing her tell me she needed more blubber, while she shivered, was well worth the trip! The Polar Bear exhibit far exceeded my expectations. I was researching polar bears and kept finding information about the Churchill Tours. I'll admit, I daydreamed about taking Sam there, before the bears disappear. We settled on the Baltimore Zoo. As we approached the polar bear exhibit I realized there was no need to head to Canada, the zoo brought Churchill to us! 

The exhibit houses a Tundra Buggy Observation Area. Sam was able to board the buggy and check out the polar bears from above. 
She could sit in the seats, drive the bus, watch polar bear videos, and even explore polar bear bones. Did you know that counting the rings in a polar bear's tooth with tell you the age of the bear? One of the many interest…

National Museum of The American Indian in D.C.

November was all about Thanksgiving at the Sippy Cup Sojourner household! We dressed up like Pilgrims, built a Mayflower replica out of an old box, and headed out for some FREE adventure at the National Museum of The American Indian in D.C. We drove to D.C. and found a great parking deal with Parking Panda right down the street from the museum. 
If you don't like to drive in circles waiting, I highly suggest prepaying for parking with Parking Panda. (Use my link to sign up and get $5 off!)
I was thrilled with the children's hands-on area of the museum. Sam was able to look at totem poles, artifacts, and watch videos in the exhibit halls. Then we headed over to imagiNATIONS Activity Center for Sam to touch, create, play, and learn! We explored American Indian baskets and then were able to try our hand at making our own weaving patterns. 
Sam explored American Indian homes by building a large igloo, exploring a teepee, and cooking in a home! 

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The Building Museum In Washington, D.C.

The Building Museum In Washington, D.C.
Most of the attractions in D.C. are free so when something is paid for I have high expectations. The website was so flashy and boasted such get stylized photos; I was excited. Then when we arrived it was lack luster at best. (This is part of the reason you will never find stylized photos on my blog. I want you to see what it really looks like!!) The building itself was amazing, great architecture and design for the adults to enjoy. 

Most the the halls and rooms are empty. This building is mostly used as an event space. The museum is a secondary function. The kids' space, The Building Zone, on the first floor was "sold out" for the entire day when we went. 

The kids area upstairs was interesting and fun to explore for Sam but not worth the entrance fee. 

Over all it was a museum I would skip unless you're really bored and the weather is bad. The best part was the large gift shop. Interesting finds for adults and children.

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