Paddle Boating at Lake Anne in Reston, VA

Paddle boating on Lake Anne during the summer was a great way to cool down and enjoy the outdoors. The Lake Anne area in Reston not only had paddle boating they had an outdoor market, live bands, kids splash area, and plenty of food to enjoy!
 It made for a wonderful Saturday out with the little SCS family! Buying tickets at the bookstore was quick and easy (Reston Used Book Shop). There was no line in either the bookstore or the paddle boating area. The staff was friendly and attentive to the needs of our little sojourner. They even had life vests for children.
Sam loved sitting between Dad and Mom and enjoyed the giant fountain in the middle of the lake. She was able to spot fishes and turtles along the way.

Driving to the area was easy. Only 25 min drive from Fairfax. Street parking was easy to find right outside the lake area. 
Street Parking

SCS Fast Facts:
- No stroller storage during boating.

- Toddler sized life vests available.
- Restrooms in the local stores.
- No swimming in the lake.
- $6 for 1 hour boat rental.

Helpful Websites:
Lake Anne Plaza
Reston Used Book Shop 


  1. Look's like an amazing place to chill out, and the images are seems like you guys had an wonderful time in here.


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