Joe's Crab Shack in Fairfax, VA


After story time at the Fairfax Barnes & Nobles some friends and I headed over to Joe's Crab Shack. (Thanks for taking us E!) A place to get lobster and Sam can run around like the crazy preschooler she is! YES! WIN! 
The store manager was even kind enough to come out and talk over how each dish is prepared for the concerns the group had with food allergies. He was super patient and knew about everything on the menu. I was impressed! The indoor playground had padded flooring and had only one exit, making it easy to keep track of coming and goings. The restaurant was fully stocked with high chairs, baby hammocks, and booster seats. 
Going on a weekday made getting the two long tables next to the play area easy. I took SCS Dad back on a Saturday night and the place was overflowing with customers and seats were a little harder to get but the staff was great and made sure we were still in eye sight of the play area. The food was delicious and my San Diego husband has high expectations of his sea food. We will for sure be making Joe's Crab Shack part of our lives here in VA, especially in the middle of winter!

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