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Paddle Boating at Lake Anne in Reston, VA

Paddle boating on Lake Anne during the summer was a great way to cool down and enjoy the outdoors. The Lake Anne area in Reston not only had paddle boating they had an outdoor market, live bands, kids splash area, and plenty of food to enjoy!
 It made for a wonderful Saturday out with the little SCS family! Buying tickets at the bookstore was quick and easy (Reston Used Book Shop). There was no line in either the bookstore or the paddle boating area. The staff was friendly and attentive to the needs of our little sojourner. They even had life vests for children.
Sam loved sitting between Dad and Mom and enjoyed the giant fountain in the middle of the lake. She was able to spot fishes and turtles along the way.

Driving to the area was easy. Only 25 min drive from Fairfax. Street parking was easy to find right outside the lake area. 

SCS Fast Facts:
- No stroller storage during boating.
- Toddler sized life vests available.
- Restrooms in the local stores.
- No swimming in the lake.
- $6 for 1 …

Apple Picking at Marker Miller Orchard in VA

Apple Picking!  The all American fall activity!  Welcome to America little Sam!
We traveled to the Marker Miller Orchard to take Sam apple picking for her first year back in the U.S. The weather was awful, rained the whole time, but we still enjoyed ourselves and Sam is already asking to go back next year! The Orchard is about an hour and a half from Fairfax, VA. I have to admit VA is amazing. 30 min and we're in D.C. with museums and all the lure of a big city. Drive an hour the other way and we're surrounded by fresh air, farms, and apple orchards! 

The orchard was wonderful. There were so many varieties of apples (make sure to check their website before leaving to ensure favorites are in season). Several of the trees had very low branches making it really easy for Sam to pick the apples by herself. 
The farmers market was also stocked with local produce, pumpkins, fresh cider, and local honey! 

The kids had plenty to do with the giant playground next to the farmer's market, l…

Joe's Crab Shack in Fairfax, VA

After story time at the Fairfax Barnes & Nobles some friends and I headed over to Joe's Crab Shack. (Thanks for taking us E!) A place to get lobster and Sam can run around like the crazy preschooler she is! YES! WIN! 
The store manager was even kind enough to come out and talk over how each dish is prepared for the concerns the group had with food allergies. He was super patient and knew about everything on the menu. I was impressed! The indoor playground had padded flooring and had only one exit, making it easy to keep track of coming and goings. The restaurant was fully stocked with high chairs, baby hammocks, and booster seats. 
Going on a weekday made getting the two long tables next to the play area easy. I took SCS Dad back on a Saturday night and the place was overflowing with customers and seats were a little harder to get but the staff was great and made sure we were still in eye sight of the play area. The food was delicious and my San Diego husband has high expectatio…

U.S. National Arboretum in D.C.

The SCS family decided to escape VA and head over to D.C. for the day. We wanted to get out before the weather became cold enough for coats. We went to explore the 446 acres of the U.S. National Arboretum. It is a division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, green space and more, on the outskirts of the city. It is also home to the Capitals original columns, the perk of going for Daddy SCS and myself!  Sam's favorite part was the children's garden and exploration area. We were only able to explore a small section of the Arboretum, but were smitten with the area and can't wait until the spring so we can head back with the family bikes. Sam was able to explore the corn growing in the garden as well as wild flowers and local plants. 
The children's garden wasn't at it's peak, due to the season, but we could tell in the summer it is the place to be!  The sunflowers towered over Sam's head while the tickle plants collapsed around her fingers.  The children's …