Space Day at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum in D.C. 2014

What an amazing way to start our D.C. adventure!

In early May the National Air & Space Museum in D.C hosts a hands-on, FREE, fun filled day in celebration of Space Day! Even the planetarium was free that day!

Parking was predictable in the city but with patients and Parking Panda and Park Mobile it went smoothly. We set out to be one of the first people in and navigating all the hands-on activities with less people was much easier!

Sam was able to enjoy dressing up as an Astronaut! (Okay, mom, dad, and even grandpa got in on the fun!) We even built a space shuttle!

Try astronaut training!

Build a comet!

Make a space suit badge!

Enjoy a space themed story time!

Build a Craft space shuttle!

Check out the Sesame Street Planetarium production.

.... all that for free and we still got to check out the regular exhibit and gift shop.

D.C. is already wearing out Sam! We love it! Until next time.... hold on to your sippy cups!

Keep an eye out for the next Space Day and so much more on the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum website.

Sippy Cup Sojourner Fast Facts:
- Lots of walking. Bring the stroller. If not for the kiddo at least for the stuff you'll end up collecting!
- Plenty of public restrooms with baby changing areas.
- Do yourself a favor either take public transportation or find parking before you leave the house. (Link below)

Calendar of Events at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum
Parking Panda
Park Mobile

I love to hear from you! Leave me some extra fun tips and tricks in the comment section below!