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Free Home Depot Kid's Workshop

SCS Dad and I recently took Sam to the free building workshop at The Home Depot.  I have fond memories of these little workshops from when I was young so I couldn't wait to share them with Sam. I have to admit the aprons have gotten cheaper but the projects have gotten more exciting since I was a kid. We got there exactly at 9 and waited in line for opening. With preregistration the staff prepared well and everyone seemed to have supplies and plenty of space to work. Sam built her Wizard of Oz bird house with much excitement! She couldn't wait to get home and show Grandpa her handy work! It was well worth the early morning wake up call! Now she gets excited to put on her apron and take trips to Home Depot with us! Win!

Helpful Links:
The Home Depot Kid's Workshop

SCS Fast Facts:
- Preregister on-line.
- Public restrooms with baby changing areas.
- Space for strollers.

Preparing Kids for a Move to D.C!

Outdoor Movies at Cinema Del Ray, VA 2014

Every summer when SCS Dad and I lived in Manhattan the city would host free movies in the parks. We remember NYC summers with so much joy! Thankfully D.C. hosts free outdoor summer movies as well! We were able to share our summer fun with Sam this year at the Cinema Del Ray in Alexandria VA! When we saw her favorite movie Frozen was scheduled, we loaded up the car and headed out. We got there early and ate at Los Tios Grill at their amazing outdoor seating area and delicious food! Then we headed over to the park with our picnic blankets, snacks, and sweatshirts. 
We got there nice and early so street parking was not hard to find. Neither was a nice spot close to the screen to lay out our blanket. There was a great playground right behind the park. 
Before the film started the kids danced and played in the open space. Everyone seemed to be enjoyed the fresh air and great weather. 
When the sun started to go down the park got packed! There were many people there with chairs, thankfully we …

Space Day at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum in D.C. 2014

What an amazing way to start our D.C. adventure!

In early May the National Air & Space Museum in D.C hosts a hands-on, FREE, fun filled day in celebration of Space Day! Even the planetarium was free that day!

Parking was predictable in the city but with patients and Parking Panda and Park Mobile it went smoothly. We set out to be one of the first people in and navigating all the hands-on activities with less people was much easier!

Sam was able to enjoy dressing up as an Astronaut! (Okay, mom, dad, and even grandpa got in on the fun!) We even built a space shuttle!

Try astronaut training!

Build a comet!

Make a space suit badge!

Enjoy a space themed story time!

Build a Craft space shuttle!

Check out the Sesame Street Planetarium production.

.... all that for free and we still got to check out the regular exhibit and gift shop.

D.C. is already wearing out Sam! We love it! Until next time.... hold on to your sippy cups!

Keep an eye out for the next Space Day and so much more on the Smithsonia…