Bugaboo Donkey Review

Bugaboo Donkey Stroller 

(In Mono Mode)

Purpose: Convertible stroller with side basket. 
Price: $1,269
Website: Bugaboo

     One of my favorite features of the stroller would have to be the ability to lay Sam completely flat when she falls asleep. The seat lays flat and switches from forward to rear facing easily with Sam still in the seat. I can also arrive at home while she is still asleep and carry just her seat inside the apartment without waking her or having the carry the entire stroller up the stairs!

With a Friend:
     Although this review covers mostly the mono mode of the donkey, we have been able to use both seats on the stroller a few times with friends. I have to admit, when we watch another child it is really nice to have the option of putting them both in the stroller. Having the kids already seated for meals when we're out is the cherry on the top! The seats are perfectly aligned to most tables! The seats can also face each other for play time when we're on the go!

On the Plane:
     I love that the Diono Carseat fits perfectly in the side basket of the Donkey Stroller although traveling with the stroller is somewhat of a hassle.  When we are forced to travel with the carseat, for instance when we're moving, I prefer to take the extra hassle of bringing the stroller with us. For short vacations I leave the Bugaboo Donkey stroller at home and take a simple umbrella stroller. The problem we face when on the plane is gate checking the stroller. The stroller has to collapse into three or four parts. (See the car video below.) The gate attendant tends to get overwhelmed when he or she sees the stroller and makes a fuss about gate checking the item. I've even had a woman drag my stroller across the ground causing the sun shade to come off.

    I like that the Bagaboo Donkey is a fairly thin stroller for having a side car for storage. It is able to still fit around most safety bars in Seoul's subways. Having the ability to go around the bars in the subways was a major concern of mine when searching to buy a stroller. There would have been no point in buying a stroller that could hold all my groceries but then I couldn't get it home if the elevators weren't available at every station. It also fits through all standard doors at the mall, and homes.

Amusement Parks:
     The Donkey Bugaboo really showed it's value during our trips to amusement parks. Not only was it a perfect place to secure Sam as she grew tired of walking the large park grounds, it also held all of our treasures we collected along the way. Once we got to a site or ride where we had to leave the stroller we never had to leave valuables behind. The stroller could be secured with a Buggy Guard and all of our gear in the side basket would just turn into a tote and join us for the show or ride!

  Getting the Bugaboo Donkey stroller in and out of the car requires a learning curve. With all the added features I love, I'm sure something had to give and the collapse-ability was what got short changed.  All the stroller parts do not fit in the trunk of our Honda Civic Hybrid. Thankfully everything fits nicely in the trunk of our Prius, even with groceries! 

Grocery Shopping:
 Holding the baby is easy. Holding the baby, with all her gear, and all my shopping.... that is the hard part! 

In the city/ In a Taxi:
     I already know this isn't going to win me mother of the year award but for the consideration of other city moms I'm going to add it. ;) The seat comes completely off. Allowing you to move a sleeping child, still in seat, into and out of a taxi without waking them. That is all. 

Snow Days: 
     The large air-filled wheels make pushing the stroller on ice and snow easier than a conventional stroller. All the extra cargo space is perfect for bringing the sled, helmet, and winter gear out for some fun!

    Our trips to the pumpkin patch were no problem with the Donkey in tow! The side carrier took care of all the little punkins while the bottom rack helped us take home our big pumpkin! 

Beach Trips:
   The stroller can semi collapse and be used on 2 wheels which makes it perfect for pulling along the sand.

For full instructional videos from Bugaboo check on their website. 


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