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Bugaboo Donkey Review

Bugaboo Donkey Stroller 
Review (In Mono Mode) Purpose: Convertible stroller with side basket. 
Price: $1,269 Website: Bugaboo
     One of my favorite features of the stroller would have to be the ability to lay Sam completely flat when she falls asleep. The seat lays flat and switches from forward to rear facing easily with Sam still in the seat. I can also arrive at home while she is still asleep and carry just her seat inside the apartment without waking her or having the carry the entire stroller up the stairs!

With a Friend:
     Although this review covers mostly the mono mode of the donkey, we have been able to use both seats on the stroller a few times with friends. I have to admit, when we watch another child it is really nice to have the option of putting them both in the stroller. Having the kids already seated for meals when we're out is the cherry on the top! The seats are perfectly aligned to most tables! The seats can also face each other for play time when we&#…