Lilliput Kids Cafe in Seoul, Korea

We found another Kids Cafe and love it! Lilliput it about a 15 minutes drive from Yongsan. It is a small venue perfect for sitting and enjoying some lunch and coffee while the little ones play (still in eye sight). Sam loved the bounce area, ball pit, and especially the dress up closet! 

There are baby seats available but the ideal age range for enjoyment would be toddler and preschool aged kids, 5 and under. Entrance fee is 7,000 Won for mom and child with the expectation that the customer will buy at least one item off the menu. With items like chocolate smoothies and pizza, it's not hard to choose! There is also free wi-fi!

There is a changing room/nursing room/ movie room in the cafe as well. Yes, all of those things together! 

 Getting there from Yongsan was straight forward. We went over the Banpo bridge and turned right at the major intersection. Keep following the brown signs for the National Cemetery. 
National Cemetery
Once you pass the national cemetery it is the first left. 
The building is on the left hand side of the street.

 The parking garage has plenty of space but you have to buzz yourself in and ask the attendant to open the gate. From the garage door the cafe is to the right hand side.
 My GPS had a hard time using the address but it is listed below if you need it as well as all the contact information for the cafe! ENJOY!

Looking for more information about kid's cafes in Seoul? 
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  1. Thanks for your post! Thinking of checking out Lilliput tomorrow.

  2. Loved Lilliput! My three year old girl and one year old boy loved climbing all through the 'house.' Thanks for the directions and info b

  3. Replies
    1. Rowena, I'm not sure how to get there via subway. We always drove there. If you find out please come back and share!

  4. I took the train to Dongjak (line 4, exit 9). Lilliput was about a 25 minute walk from the time I got off the train but the station is huge so a good portion of that was inside. There was a bit of a hill, but nothing too bad - no problem with a stroller.


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