Juno Hair Salon at IFC Mall in Seoul

After getting the family settled in a new place a thought starts to creep in my head; I need to get a haircut soon. Dread! I wish I had "easy" hair but that wasn't my lot in life. Considering I wouldn't trade my family for the world, I'll take the inherited genes. ;) After attempting several salons recommended by well meaning expats, resulting in flaming red hair and even what can only be described as a muffin on my head, I finally found a stylist that I adored! 

Hae Na Lee understands curly hair, knows exactly what a blow out should look like, speaks English perfectly, and is a true professional with her scissors! The location makes it even easier to love, the salon has plenty of parking (validation with any appointment) inside the IFC mall, the salon space is large for accompanying spouses or strollers, and super clean! In fact, the space is so large I usually pair up with my wonderful friend B. and we take turns getting our hair cuts while we swap kids. If you ask for a member card they will give you a discount at every visit! 

An added perk of being inside the IFC mall is the ability to grab a great lunch at Toma Tillo

 and a quick shopping trip to H&M before heading home! 


 Hae Na Lee, Juno Hair Salon, at the IFC mall -