Lotte World in Seoul, Korea

During our time in Seoul Sam and I have had the pleasure of owning annual membership cards to Lotte World. We were able to snag a discount through our Gymboree membership and with the added lure of getting free parking with our pass, we just couldn't resist! Thankfully for me Lotte World has a wonderful website that is completely in ENGLISH! (YAY!) So I will spare you all the details of the amusement park. Check out their great website. Sam and I got yearly passes when she was roughly 18 months old and had them until she was about 2 and a half. Here are some highlights of our time at the park! Well worth it, even at her age!

Korean Folk Village entrance is free with a membership pass! It's a perfect introduction to Korean culture.


 The Folk Museum also offers daily Experience Programs. Check the Lotte World website for updated information and times.


Inside one of the toddler areas of the park there are bugs, bunnies, butterflies and much more. There are several play gyms in this area as well. Perfect for the toddler and preschool crowd.

There is a Garden Stage entertainment area where the park hosts shows daily. Each month the park also picks a theme (Christmas during December, Samba in September) and has a parade in the park 2 times a day.
Halloween Parade

Sam wasn't a fan of the Hot Air balloon that flies over the park but the mommies loved it!

Sam's favorite area in the park is Kidstoria. It is a extra large carpeted play area with giant plastic creatures that beacon little ones to come climb.  There is also a ball play area as well.

During the warmer months we enjoyed spending time in the outdoor area of Lotte World. 
Lotte world even has a private lake behind the park where boat rides can be taken and more rides are available. 
Sam loved the underground train ride. 
There are also more train and car rides for the younger crowd. 

If you are enjoying free parking and time is plentiful check out the Toys R Us inside the Lotte Mart. 

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