Kalencom 2-in-1 Potette Plus, Product Review

Product:  Kalencom 2-in-1 Potette Plus
Purpose: Portable Toddler Potty
Price: $16.00
Specifics: Full size travel potty that folds flat into a trainer seat; contoured seat for your child's comfort and hygiene, trainer seat can be used on all toilet seats.

SCS Rating


If I could give this potty an extra 10 stars I would! Wow, a complete lifesaver for my sippy cup sojourner as we navigated potty training in a big city and traveling the world. The legs of the potty collapse and fold into a binder-sized package. It fits easily into my diaper bag and weighs practically nothing. The seat can be used with the legs down as a travel potty and with the legs flipped to the sides, as  a toilet training seat. The seat calls for plastic bags to be used as liners but I just place a diaper over the opening and have my daughter sit down. It works like a charm and diapers are something I am used to carrying around and are cheaper than the liners sold for the potty. I have used this discreate little potty in the back of my car while we were stuck in traffic, in the airplane while being stuck between flight attendant cart, on the subway platform as the last train was nearing the station, and every single day we've owned it as we try to navigate the germ infested public restrooms of Seoul, Korea. This potty was a lifesaver in the early days of potty training outside of the house. Sam was terrified of public restrooms and refused to be dangled above the "scary toilet". Once I placed her adorable little pink potty on the seat the scary public toilets started to look a lot more friendly and her fear of using public restrooms disappeared. The majority of the time we can find a public restroom for Sam to use her seat on but there are times when we need to pull out the potty and use it with a diaper over the top. Since it is small enough to easily slide under the stroller, my husband loves taking it on runs with out daughter. They are usually out running for miles along the river and can't always find a restroom when our little one needs it. This potty is the perfect solution!


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