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Kalencom 2-in-1 Potette Plus, Product Review

Product:  Kalencom 2-in-1 Potette Plus Purpose: Portable Toddler Potty
Price: $16.00
Specifics: Full size travel potty that folds flat into a trainer seat; contoured seat for your child's comfort and hygiene, trainer seat can be used on all toilet seats.

SCS Rating


If I could give this potty an extra 10 stars I would! Wow, a complete lifesaver for my sippy cup sojourner as we navigated potty training in a big city and traveling the world. The legs of the potty collapse and fold into a binder-sized package. It fits easily into my diaper bag and weighs practically nothing. The seat can be used with the legs down as a travel potty and with the legs flipped to the sides, as  a toilet training seat. The seat calls for plastic bags to be used as liners but I just place a diaper over the opening and have my daughter sit down. It works like a charm and diapers are something I am used to carrying around and are cheaper than the liners sold for the potty. I have used th…

Fun Friday!

Ever wonder how they clean  the subway escalators   in Seoul, Korea?
 Ponder no longer my friends!

               Happy Friday from The Sippy Cup Sojourner!