**Tueni Tueni** Toddler Play Class in Seoul, Korea

Wow, it's been a long time since I've blogged, my apologies. Our family is on our way out of Korea and things have been very hectic around the Sippy Cup Sojourner household. During this busy time I find that I am even more thankful to live in Korea. Sam attends so many toddler classes that it forces our whole family to slow down a few times a week and just focus on having fun and Sam loves it!

One of her favorite toddler classes is her Tueni Tueni class offered by the Cultural Center inside the iPark mall in Yongsan. If you go to the reception area of the Cultural Center there are course offering catalogs for free to the left of the main desk. It is only in Korean but the wonderful staff has always helped me find what I needed. The Tueni Tueni class listing is "트니트니 키즈챔프" in Korean. The children class listings are always towards the end of the catalog. Once you find the class check the dates and times as well as the age ranges for that specific time.

The whole class is in Korean but Sam could care less. She loved her first teacher so much she could barely contain her excitement. The class is structured around seasonal topics and is very physical. The children are expected to run, dance, jump, and just have a blast! The price is 110,000 Won (about $104) for 12 weeks/ once a week. There is also a 20,000 Won materials fee that goes towards a CD, DVD, and multiple gifts given by the teacher to the kids. Sam loves her Tueni Tueni DVD. When she has some pent up energy I put it on and let her jump and dance around to her favorite songs. Here are some pictures of her in class.

Fire Safety Week

 Baseball Week
 Harvest Time
 Postal Service Week
 Dinosaur Week
 Magnets Week
 Fall Activities Week
 Toddler Olympics (Yes, it was as hilarious as it sounds!)

 Halloween Week (Costume was a gift to all the students from the teacher.)

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