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Camping at Taeanhean National Park in Korea with a Toddler

The sippy cup sojourner family grabbed our Camping in Korean National Parks book and our gear and headed out for another wonderful weekend of camping.  (Link to the book at the end of this blog entry.) 
We decided to check out the Taeanhean National Park camping sites. We wanted one last farewell to summer by spending the weekend next to the beach. We drove from Yongsan-gu in Seoul and it took us roughly 2 and a half hours to get to the National park. Thankfully our AWOL GPS already had the national park programed in its database. 
Once we got closer we looked up the Mongsan-po beach campground we had decided to stay at. This was also programed in the GPS. We spent roughly 5,000 Won in tolls to get there from Seoul.
 The campsite was easy to locate and was 25,000 Won a night to pitch a personal tent. Unlike Woraksan campsite this one did not have per-assembled sites for rent. The location was perfect for the beach goer who wants to spend as much time as possible on the shore.

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