Wedding Dress Cafe (Princess Diary) in Seoul, Korea

I'm an adult. I have a masters degree, owned own place, gotten married, had a child..... blah blah.... Okay aren't we all big kids with credit cards? No, just me?! hehehe So when my friends asked me if I wanted to sit around sipping coffee while  trying on wedding dresses, a little girl's dream come true, I said YES!

It's birthday season again for my group of friends in Seoul. Last year we all went cake decorating and brought all the kids. This year since all the little ones are older we left them at home and went to have some silly fun solo. We decided to go the wedding dress cafe near Ehwa Women's University. 

Getting There:
We took the subway to Ehwa Women's University stop on the green line. From there we walked from exit 3 up 2 blocks to Princess Diary Cafe. (A) on the map.

Turn right from the street at this store.
The sign is a little sun burned but here it is!

Once we were there we were given an English menu explaining the rules of the cafe as well as a selection of drinks to choose from.

The set up of the cafe is adorable, very rustic charm. Perfect setting for bride wedding photos!  Customers are able to choose seating in the open area of the cafe of inside mini houses with couch seating and a small table.

Traditional Korean set up for Hanbok pictures.

Playing dress up was easy. The staff has printed pictures of all the dresses available in the cafe. We were also able to browse the dresses in the closet. Wedding dresses were not the only items available, Hanboks and suits for men were also able to be rented.

Overall we had a great time filled with giggles from grown adults! Perfect birthday treat! Thank you J. G. and S. for your friendship and always knowing how to brighten my day! (Is this blurred enough?) ;)