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Seoul Selection Book Store

I love sharing things I learn. Perhaps it's because I'm a teacher by trade or maybe I'm a teacher because of it. Chicken, egg? Either way I love sharing my favorite things. Hence this blog.

After living in Seoul for over a year I finally found a bookstore I can't stop talking about! No it isn't as large as the YP bookstores and it doesn't have endless selections of English children's books like So What The Book. It has an amazing collection of English language books on Korea. Anything you could dream of is in this little pint sized store. I spent over an hour with my head cocked to the side reading book spines. As a mom of a toddler in tow, that's a lot of time! If you want to check out all the titles available before heading over check out their website. When we lived in Europe the guide books were endless. When we moved to Korea I felt as though Lonely Planet and Frommer's was all that was readily available. Those guides were nice but as a sojourne…

Wedding Dress Cafe (Princess Diary) in Seoul, Korea

I'm an adult. I have a masters degree, owned own place, gotten married, had a child..... blah blah.... Okay aren't we all big kids with credit cards? No, just me?! hehehe So when my friends asked me if I wanted to sit around sipping coffee while  trying on wedding dresses, a little girl's dream come true, I said YES!

It's birthday season again for my group of friends in Seoul. Last year we all went cake decorating and brought all the kids. This year since all the little ones are older we left them at home and went to have some silly fun solo. We decided to go the wedding dress cafe near Ehwa Women's University. 

Getting There:
We took the subway to Ehwa Women's University stop on the green line. From there we walked from exit 3 up 2 blocks to Princess Diary Cafe. (A) on the map.

Once we were there we were given an English menu explaining the rules of the cafe as well as a selection of drinks to choose from.

The set up of the cafe is adorable, very rustic charm. P…

Camping in Woraksan National Park with Kids

The SCS family has been in the middle of big transitions for our family so we haven't been getting out and about as much as we're accustomed to. Even though we weren't ready for another big trip we still wanted to get out of the city for the long weekend. We decided to take advantage of the amazing National Parks in Korea with a camping trip. I bought an amazing book called "Camping In Korean National Parks"(link at the bottom of the post) which gave me an idea of what to expect from each camp site. We loaded up the car, grabbed some good friends, and headed down to Woraksan National Park in Chungcheongbuk-do Korea.

Driving from Yongsan-gu in Seoul it took us roughly 2.5 hours to get to our camp site.  Driving on the expressway, our toll bill was roughly $5. 

There are several rest stops along the way. The driving was easy with our GPS. We have a AWOL navigation and it had Woraksan National Park already in its digital memory. The physical address in the Camping In …