Poli Play Park

I recently took Sam to Poli Play Park. She loves the Korean characters ever since we moved to Korea. Yes, she will be the odd kid, when we go back to the states, that has fond memories of cartoon characters that no one else knows about! *Third Culture Kid Problems* I found about the seasonal Poli Play park when I went to the Character Fair at the Coex mall. They were handing out 50% discount coupons! I can't help but take a good deal so we headed out on an otherwise boring raining summer day. The park is only open from June 20 2013- August 28 2013.

We drove there and it took us roughly 25-30 min to get there from Yongsan-gu. I got a little lost on the way there but thankfully some helpful strangers pointed me in the right direction. The key was to look for the MBC building. 

The Poli park was across the street from the MBC Dream Center. There are banner signs with Poli pictures on them.

Once arriving there was plenty of parking for a very reasonable, flat rate, 4,000 Won. We went early to beat the Seoul traffic and were one of the first people in. (Parking lot picture was taken on the way out. It was completely empty when we got there.)

Right outside the building are lockers for storing anything you don't want to lug around the park. 
There is also a river picnic area across the street for those who want to pack a lunch. (Excuse my awful picture, I was spent at the end of our day and didn't want to walk over to the park.)
Since it's just outside of Seoul the area is large. There are several play areas inside. If your little one loves cars, trains, things that go zoom, this is the place for them. Train rides, car rides, helicopter riders. Since we were early Sam could ride each one a dozen times until she bored of it. 

There were remote control racing areas as well as bouncing areas. The bouncing areas are divided by age range so the bigger kids don't trample the little guys. I love that! 

At designated times throughout the day there is a Poli show. The show was in Korean but Sam enjoyed watching the older kids interact with digital Poli and of course dancing to Psy songs with everyone!

 As for eating, there were 2 food establishments inside the park. One was a quick grab, snack bar in the middle of the park and the other one sold sandwiches. I couldn't read anything on the menu so I just crossed my fingers and pointed to 2 items on the menu. They were both really yummy so no complaints here. My favorite part was the toddler ball pit and play area next to the eating area. Sam was able to play with some new friends while I finished lunch.

Sam was even able to zip line! I was surprised they had gear for 2 year olds but sure enough they did. She was geared up and LOVED it! My heart could take her going exactly once but Sam could have gone a million times. 

Here is the pamphlet to the park: 

If you're planning on going head over to Tumberland in the iPark mall to get a 50% off coupon! Just ask the front desk. ;)

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