Websites to Visit Before Moving to Seoul


I usually try to keep my blog neutral and not focus on being a military spouse but I'm going to focus somewhat on military families for this entry. (There are resources below for anyone moving to Korea but beware, some of them might be specifically for military/government families.) I am extremely proud of my husband and his duty to our country. There are certain resources that help us with our frequent moves. I have moved 12 times in my military life and, without a doubt, it doesn't get easier. I am thankful to all the people and organizations that make each transition smoother. Here are some websites that help ease the transition to moving to Korea.

Community Information

Official Yongsan Garrison Website
A good first stop to get an over view of housing availability, and community services. Check out the Morning Calm welcome guide book.

Korea Ye!
A military community cooperative site. The website relies on submissions from the military community about everything to do, eat, learn, shop, travel, parent, and simply live in Korea. Since there are several contributors the perspectives are varied and constantly updated. (Also on Facebook)

MWR Yongsan
The Army Morale, Welfare, and Recreation site. For listings of local community activities on-post. You can sign up for the weekly e-mails about post happenings from this site. For information on traveling to Korea with a pet check out their Pet Care Center page.

 CYSS Korea
If you're coming to Seoul with kids the CYSS website is a must visit. The Child, Youth, and School Services has countless activities for kids of all ages.

Itaewon Global Village Center
An organization that services the foreigner population in Korea. This site is designated for the area closest to Yongsan garrison. They host educational and cultural events as well as cooking classes. They also have a lending library of books in English as well as a wide range of volunteer opportunities. 

Websites for Exploring Seoul

The city's official website. The site gives information everything from signing up for a temple stay to listing local preschools in Seoul.

Visit Seoul 
An easy to navigate website that lists local attractions and events happening in Seoul. Free downloadable e-book guides to Seoul are also available.

Seoul Magazine
Publishing company that offers up to date information on all things Seoul.

Korean News in English

 The Korean Times
Korean national news outlet.

The Korean Herald
Korean national news outlet.


Not exactly websites, but since most people are networking on Facebook now, here are a few groups that are worth checking out. Each page description is quoted from Facebook directly.

Sites in Seoul
Group Description: "A place for people to share information about their adventures in Seoul."

Expat Parents Korea
Group Description: "Our goal in this group is to answer questions, provide advice and support each other through the task of raising children in Korea as expats."

Baby Mini Mall in Korea
Group Description: "This group is created for parents who don't have access to the things that they may need for their baby because it is too expensive or you have no other way of getting it. Well this is the place! You are more than welcome to explore, buy and sell."

 Traveling Throughout South Korea
Group Description: "This is a group page that was created to document your travels throught Korea and the neighboring countries. Please post about places you should go. What should people know about traveling. Feel free to post as you see fit.. Just remember OPSEC and respect others.. If you know of a great little hide away place let others know. how about a great beach or cheap airline to buy tickets.. Lets help each other out."

 Seoul Mom's Helper
Group Description: "For moms who live in fun... entertainment... And other..."

Cloth Diapering Army Wives in South Korea
Group Description: "This group is designed for those military moms in South Korea who are cloth-diapering or those interested in information about cloth diapering. We love cloth diapering and would love to provide support and information to others."

Yongsan Flea Market

Group Description: "A place to buy and sell things here in Seoul Korea for military families. We all need something when we arrive on station and need to get rid of some things when we leave. Do it here for free!"

Natural Minded Pregnant Moms in South Korea
Group Description: "Natural minded military wives can come here to find support for natural birthing and parenting choices in South Korea."

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