Twinkle English Ballet at I'Park Mall in Seoul

Mommy fail, I was not fast enough at signing Sam up for our next session of ballet at Central City's Shinsegae, so we had to find a new venue for our ballet classes. Our old class filled up with a waiting list a day after the registration opened up. I checked out I'Park mall in Yongsan-gu and they had availability for a date and time that worked for us so we signed up! We signed up through the cultural center on the 4th floor. (If you're coming up from between Diaso and e-mart go to the 4th floor. Once you hit the fork in the path turn right. The doors to the cultural center are to the left of the Papaya store.) For a map of the mall check out their website. The staff spoke English and sign up was quick and easy. Just make sure you take a number from the ticket machine when you walk in for prompt service. For new customers the center offers a tester class for 5,000 Won at the beginning of the semester. The Twinkle staff also bring in catalogs of ballet gear to order for the first class. Sam loved her new teacher and since we were closer to home were able to sign up with more friends! The activities were all different than the semester before, as were the workbooks and music CD. The price was the same as the class in Central City: 100,000 Won for 12 weeks of once a week class. Parking is validated for 3 hours on the days we have class. (Make sure to bring your license plate number to the registration desk to sign up for parking validation.)

Helpful Websites:
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