Pororo Park in D-Cube City (Seoul with a Toddler)

The Pororo character is everywhere in Seoul. If a Korean product is marketing to children, more than likely Pororo's little penguin face is somewhere on the package. Although Sam doesn't watch Pororo often she loves showing me everywhere he is in the community. With all the rain this monsoon season Sam and I have been heading to indoor areas to spend our days. Recently we drove to D-Cube city to enjoy some time at Pororo Park. 


GPS Address: 360-51  Sindorim-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Subway: Lines 2 and 1 Station Sindorim (Map)

Although Pororo Park officially opens at 10:30am the D-Cube Department store doesn't open until 11am, making getting in from the underground parking lot interesting. 
Thankfully when we arrived we only had to wait 10min until 11 so it ended up not being an issue. Levels B3- B7 are all underground parking so I haven't had an issue with finding a spot yet. Pororo Park is on the 4th floor. It takes up half the floor so it's easy to spot. 
Next to the elevators on the fourth floor the bathroom are equipped with toddler toilets, baby changing stations, and a toddler sink.

Pororo Park Hours
Weekdays: 10:30 - 20:30 (8:30pm)
Saturdays: 10:30 - 21:30 (9:30pm)

Prices (For 2 Hours of Play Time)

Adults 6,000 Won
Children under 18 months 8,000 Won
Children over 18 months 16,000 Won

There are shoe lockers at the front as well as a stroller parking area. The staff will give out a key for a the lockers and a tags for the parked strollers.

Inside the park has 11 different areas. There are sitting areas for picnic style lunches as well as food for purchase.  

There are restrooms and a nursing room inside the park itself. There are several different play areas geared towards toddler preschool aged children.
Pororo's House
Giant bounce area!
Ball pit!

 Sand Pit Play Area!

 There is also a Pororo show played several times a day at the park. We headed over to the theater as soon as we got in to check the time of the next showing so we didn't miss it. The actors were dressed in large scale character outfits and do some skits and sing some songs. The whole show is in Korean but Sam still enjoyed dancing along.

Crawlers Play Area!

 There is a birthday party room inside the park as well. Forgot to ask specifics but I did remember to take a picture of the sign. Hopefully I can get someone to translate that for me soon! 


 After Pororo Park we headed down to the food court on level B2. Behind the Korean Food Street is a mom and children eating area. Sam got to take some rides and play in the baby area while we ate.

We also took a trip to H&M on the 2nd floor while we were there. They have a large children's clothing section. The also have a small selection of maternity clothing next to the stairs in the children's section.

 SCS Fast Facts:
Nursing room inside Pororo Park
Stroller rentals on the 1st floor of D-Cube City

Helpful Websites:
 D-Cube City Website