Gwacheon National Science Museum with a Toddler

I had taught Sam about the moon and stars then before I realized what happened, she could name all the planets in the solar system. I decided it was time to take her to have a closer look at her favorite planets at a planetarium. I had low expectations when I was doing my research on planetariums in the Seoul area. I thought for sure since there was a lack of space things would be small and low budget. Thankfully I was WRONG! The Gwacheon National Science Museum is huge, extremely well stocked, and had a state of the art planetarium!

So much to cover so let me get started.
We drove to the Museum and it was extremely easy, mostly expressway driving the whole time. Coming from Yongsan-gu it took us roughly 30min to get there. Once we arrived parking was aplenty and only cost 4,000 Won (1 day flat rate).

Address: 110, Sanghabeol-ro, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 427-060
Telephone: 02-3677-1500
Subway: Line 4 to Seoul Grand Park Station (Exit 5)
Buying tickets was quick and easy, everything was listed in English. Best part was the price. Only 4,000 Won for adults and 2,000 Won for children 7-19 years old. Kids under 7 get in for FREE! The planetarium was even less expensive. 2,000 Won for adults and 1,000 Won for children 7-19.

Hours: 9:30 to 16:30 (4:30pm) Finally something in Korea that opens before 10!!

 Outside the entrance were several play areas and parks. We will have to go back on a day that isn't over 90 F. We stopped by the snack shop to have a quick bite before entering. We weren't sure what kind of food to expect inside. In hind sight, we could have just gone in and grabbed something! There is plenty of food choices inside. More on that later.

Once inside we explored the ground floor before heading out to the planetarium. There is a baby/toddler play area and a nursing room. 

There is also a Children's exhibit hall on the first floor. This space is geared more towards the younger science learners. Sam enjoyed all the interactive exhibits and bright display boards. We had just studied spiders not long ago and she was able to climb up spider webs and see large picture display boards. There was also a 2 story jungle gym for her to play on and explore.

The Planetarium plays several shows  at different times. Check the schedule before leaving the ticketing booth. We didn't know about the different shows so we picked the first showing of the day which was about black holes. The majority of the content was over Sam's head but she delighted in seeing her favorite planets so large and she learned to say "Black Hole" which we got a kick out of. The whole show had subtitles in English. We were able to follow along and whisper to Sam what she was seeing. The Planetarium is stroller friendly with elevators, ramps, and plenty of space to store the strollers once inside. We brought along Sam's favorite space books so she could have something to connect her new experience with and it worked like a charm. She was giggling with delight!

 Here are some highlights from the other exhibits. There was no way we were going to be able to see everything in a one-day visit. There is a huge outdoor exhibition area as well that we didn't get time to explore. As we return I'll try to keep updating the blog as well!

Basic Science Hall Exhibit
This was amazing! Watch electricity explode in this Tesla Coil

Advance Science and Technology Exhibit

Older children can enjoy the flight simulator!
Older children can experience space camp style training!

Natural History Exhibit

 Sam loves her planets and but she loves dinosaurs even more so this was a truly happy place for her. The majority of our family pictures include her making a dinosaur face. HAHAHA

Eating at the Science Museum

There were two dinning areas in the museum. One was a lunch box style dining area for people who wanted to just grab a light snack or brought food from home. Next door was the food court. Everyone orders at the entrance and picks up and eats the food inside. The system creates a little line outside but is very efficient once inside.
 For a visual of the food choices check out the display board to the right of the entrance.

We usually go with Korean food but for some reason the burgers were calling our names this time around. For the first time in my life, the burger I received looked better than the picture on the display! Yum!

 At the end of our visit Sam and I spent some time in the gift shop on our way out. As always she needed to have 4875934875 things and considering everything was a "learning" toy I gave in to a lot. Thankfully the prices were extremely reasonable!

Bubble Show from June 1 to August 25 daily at 2:30.

Without a doubt, we will be going back. I'm even considering buying the yearly family membership for 50,000 Won.

More Annual Membership Information:
Individual Membership- 30,000 Won

Family Membership- 
       2 people: 50,000 Won
       3 people: 70,000 Won
       4 people: 90,000 Won

       5 people: 110,000 Won
       More than 6 people: 130,000 Won

Benefits: Free admissions to the permanent exhibitions, 50% on planetarium admissions, educational programs are 20% off.

SCS Fast Facts:
  • Stroller accessible
  • Stroller rentals available at entrance
  • Nursing rooms
  • Toddler toilets and sinks

Helpful Websites:
Museum Website