Cooking Classes in Seoul - WITH KIDS!

I have taken three cooking classes in Seoul with two different organizations. I've had wonderful experiences at both locations. The best part, children were allowed to tag along at both places.

Cooking classes are offered at several different places here in Seoul and are aggressively advertised to foreigner so I thought, why not! I enjoy eating Korean food and being able to make it at home might lessen the sadness when we finally have to say farewell to Korea.

The first class I took was through O'ngo Food Communications. I was able to call and sign up for a date that worked for me, with an English speaking instructor, and was able to pick exactly what I wanted to learn. I chose Bulgogi and Seasonal Kimchi. I took this class early in our Seoul stay so I went solo. I was unsure about bringing Sam so I left her home with SCS Daddy. When I arrived, much to my surprise, I was the only one in the class. Lucky me, I got a one-on-one private cooking class! I was talking to my delightful instructor and my daughter popped up in conversation, she told me that children come to classes all the time! I was so sad I left her home, she would have loved to be my little sou chef. The classroom even had little stools and aprons for little patrons. The class lasted roughly 2 hours. All the ingredients and supplies were provided as well as English recipes. At the end of the cooking sessions we sat down and enjoyed our hard work! Delicious!
O'ngo goes far beyond cooking classes to bring the real local flavors of Korea to foreigners. They also have Korean Night Dining Tours, Korean Taste Tour, and more! Check out their website. If you're only in Seoul for a short time and want to experience Korean food I highly suggest going with O'ngo! 

O'ngo Food Communications
Experience Korean Culture Through Cuisine
Address: Jongno-gu, Nagwon-dong 55-1
               3rd Floor, Seoul, Korea

The second and third class I've taken were through the Itaewon Global Village Center.
The classes were in a building outside the main offices. The building has a large cooking classroom. Right outside the cooking classroom is a waiting area. I've gone to these cooking classes with several mommy friends here in Seoul. Since we have toddlers we tot along everywhere else, we decided to bring them along. I figured the worst that could happen is they ask us to leave. Thankfully the exact opposite happened. Everyone was welcoming even to the shortest among us.  The space had a basket filled with toys in the waiting area that the kids loved. Since they had each other, the ipad, and new toys, they were completely smitten to keep to themselves during class.
When Sam needed some mommy time I just swooped her into the Ergo and once she saw mommy was having "no fun" she decided to go back with her friends. The classes are scheduled at different times throughout the month. You can find the schedule on the Itaewon Global Village Center Website. To register for the class send an e-mail to the coordinator. The classes are only 10,000 Won so they are extremely inexpensive. If you live in the area and have time to wait for the class you want, I suggest going with Itaewon Global Village Center. The price is great and there is room for the little ones to walk around without getting into much mischief.

Itaewon Global Village Center
Address: Room 504 Hannam Bldg., 211 Itaewon-ro Yongsan-gu Seoul (5F Hannam Bldg., 737-37 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul 140-893)

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