Baby & Toddler Survival Gear for Monsoon Season in Seoul, Korea

Monsoon season is arriving in Seoul. As I pull out our rain gear I thought it would be helpful to list all the baby and toddler rain gear that truly helped us survive the rainy season with a baby, that then turned into a heavy toddler, during last year's monsoon season.

Of course it's easy to say, "Just stay home when it rains." but here in Seoul, during the rainy season, it can rain for days and days without stopping. There tends to come a time when we simply can not avoid going out. On those days this is how we survive.  

Baby Wearing in Monsoon Season
One perk to baby wearing in rainy season is the ability to carry less stuff. One bubble umbrella and one Ergo rain cover was all we ended up needing. Of course we also had our rain boots, and rain coats on. I navigated wearing the Ergo and my raincoat by putting the Ergo on first, then my raincoat. I then zipped up the coat as much as possible from the bottom. Once I put the Ergo rain cover on it protected the both of us from my waist up. The real trick was trying to get Sam to keep her hands inside the umbrella. She loved playing with the rain; mom not so much! The real trick to baby wearing in the rain, for us, was the bubble umbrella. Seoul is a city, and in the city, we're kind of cramped. Other people are using umbrellas with disregard to those of us wearing babies. The bubble umbrella not only protected us from the rain, it protected us from OTHER umbrellas. Since it's clear I pulled it down as far as possible and looked through the umbrella to walk. That kept Sam and myself dry and safe. Now that she is a toddler we still babywear at times when we can, I just have to wear her on my back now. If it's raining too hard the Ergo ends up getting a little wet but otherwise it still works. 

For breathable, lightweight rain gear check out L.L bean!

Toddler Strolling in Monsoon Season 

The most frustrating part about going out with Sam as she got bigger was needing to take the stroller with us. The rainy season here is something I've never experienced before. The rain comes from every direction and in huge rain sheets. That being said a stroller cover that covers just the top of the stroller isn't enough. The cover that came with our Bugaboo stroller ended up leaving Sam soaked since the cover didn't protect the base of the stroller. I highly suggest getting a universal rain cover that gives plenty of coverage for the bottom of the stroller as well.  The weather is still really warm in the rainy season so having Sam locked inside plastic didn't help with the heat so I always make sure to put her little clip on fan inside the stroller with her. The blades are made out of foam so she can stick her finger in the spinning fan and not get hurt. Since my hands are needed for pushing the stroller a hands-free umbrella was priceless when pushing Sam up and down the hills of Seoul. The hands-free umbrella folds down easily so it can be stored right along with the stroller. As a toddler sometimes Sam was adamant about being allowed to walk in the rain. If we aren't in a rush and the rain isn't so bad I let her walk alongside me. I bought her rain boots, rain pants, and a raincoat with a hood. I wanted something breathable, since rain here still means it's hot out. I had luck with L.L Bean's discovery gear. It's light weight, breathable, and folds into itself for easy storage.

I went looking for rain boots here in Korea for Sam so I thought I would share where I had luck finding rain boots for her tiny feet. I found toddler rain boots at the basement level in Homeplus. I also found a good selection at E-mart and during rainy season, Diaso (Korean dollar store) also has a selection. 
This year they have sesame street characters on them. The crocs stores also carry rain boots for little feet during rainy season.