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Cooking Classes in Seoul - WITH KIDS!

I have taken three cooking classes in Seoul with two different organizations. I've had wonderful experiences at both locations. The best part, children were allowed to tag along at both places.

Cooking classes are offered at several different places here in Seoul and are aggressively advertised to foreigner so I thought, why not! I enjoy eating Korean food and being able to make it at home might lessen the sadness when we finally have to say farewell to Korea.

The first class I took was through O'ngo Food Communications. I was able to call and sign up for a date that worked for me, with an English speaking instructor, and was able to pick exactly what I wanted to learn. I chose Bulgogi and Seasonal Kimchi. I took this class early in our Seoul stay so I went solo. I was unsure about bringing Sam so I left her home with SCS Daddy. When I arrived, much to my surprise, I was the only one in the class. Lucky me, I got a one-on-one private cooking class! I was talking to my delightfu…

Petit 5 in Itaewon with a Toddler in Seoul, Korea

Kid's Cafe in Itaewon, Upstairs from Passion 5! Who doesn't love a delicately delightful pastry? Valet parking, close to home, and sensational food, Passion 5 seemed to have it all. I wasn't sure it could get much better, until our good friends  J., J, and G. took us to Petit 5! Petit 5 is to toddlers what Passion 5 is to adults! 

Perfect little cupcakes, delicious mini sized meals, and instead of comfortable chairs, toddler play world! 

For a complete run down on Passion 5 in Itaewon check out the article on Korea Ye!. The kid's cafe is on the 4th (F) floor and open from 11am- 7pm. 
One meal or drink allows you 3 hours of play time for the kids. I ordered a BLT and it did not disappoint my high Passion 5 expectations! 

Sam couldn't get enough of the mini kitchens and the digital play room. She loved it! One disappointment was that unlike the Zoo Kids Cafe, there wasn't a staff designated to help watch the kiddos so we had to do a lot of checking in and chasing the …

Baby & Toddler Survival Gear for Monsoon Season in Seoul, Korea

Monsoon season is arriving in Seoul. As I pull out our rain gear I thought it would be helpful to list all the baby and toddler rain gear that truly helped us survive the rainy season with a baby, that then turned into a heavy toddler, during last year's monsoon season.

Of course it's easy to say, "Just stay home when it rains." but here in Seoul, during the rainy season, it can rain for days and days without stopping. There tends to come a time when we simply can not avoid going out. On those days this is how we survive.  

Baby Wearing in Monsoon Season One perk to baby wearing in rainy season is the ability to carry less stuff. One bubble umbrella and one Ergo rain cover was all we ended up needing. Of course we also had our rain boots, and rain coats on. I navigated wearing the Ergo and my raincoat by putting the Ergo on first, then my raincoat. I then zipped up the coat as much as possible from the bottom. Once I put the Ergo rain cover on it protected the both of …