United Flight and New Sanno Hotel in Tokyo Japan

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A 2 hour flight to Japan from Korea, after becoming accustomed to 12+ flights, felt like nothing while planning. Then, I realized things would still be complicated. We were going to have to leave the house 3 house early, take a 2 hour flight, and then take a 2 hour bus ride from the airport to the city center and our hotel. That is still a whole day out of the house. I over packed our diaper bag with 7 diapers, 2 packs of wipes, the ergo, the tablet, headphones for Sam, mini emergency kit, sippy cup, and a small bento box of snacks. We also took an inexpensive umbrella stroller with us on our adventures. I wanted something extremely light with a carry strap that we could wear on our backs if needed. (That actually became handy while riding the subway and when going into restaurants.)

We flew United from Seoul Incheon to Narita International Airport. Incheon was wonderful. For a full blog entry on the Incheon Airport check out my blog entry about it HERE. The flight was a breeze since we had individual headrest screens. Sam got to check out a few cartoons and mom and dad got to take in a movie.

Once we arrived at the Narita Airport we picked up our luggage and headed out. The bus counter was directly across from the exit area so it was a breeze to find. The staff spoke perfect English and there was a bus departing for the city 10 minutes after we booked our tickets. We lined up outside and waited for the bus. There is an actual line customers have to wait in. Having an active 2 year old meant that one of us stood in line and the other one had to play chase the baby. I can imagine if you have more than one child, this would be a frustrating step. Thankfully the buses come very frequently so it's only a short step.

Sam did fine on the bus, even with her motion sickness. (Motion sickness band review coming soon!) The bus's city driving with all the stops for each hotel and small streets got her feeling a little unwell but she survived until we got to our hotel without loosing her snacks!

The bus had special mother/handicap priority seating in the middle of the bus. Sam and I were able to sit together but SCS Daddy got pushed back a row.  The priority row had extra leg room so we could spread out for the ride. 
Before entering the bus the agent will "check" your bags on the bottom of the bus. Each tag gets a ticket you must present in order to leave with a bag when you disembark. 

The bus had a restroom (forgot to check it out, sorry) and paid wifi.

The New Sanno was really nice, for a government hotel. We booked a single room since that was the only thing available at the time we booked. The room was clean, well stocked, had a crib option available, and had a nice size empty fridge. I forgot to take a picture of the crib since it got delivered to our room after we had settled. It was a full size, metal framed, crib. The baby sheets were cleaned daily with our own. No pillow or bumper were provided. 
The hotel has five restaurant/ food areas. There is also a gift shop, an exchange, and a general store. For a whole list of all the amenities available check out the New Sanno website. The best part of staying there was the MPS services available on the basement level! Since we were visiting from Korea we were able to send all out shopping home in boxes for free!

Sam's favorite part of the hotel was the pool on the second floor! She was so excited to come home every night, eat dinner, and then jump into the pool with Dad. Mom loved going to the pool for the hot tub after walking all day!

The hotel was well within walking distance from the subway station. We didn't have any luck with our credit card at the machine so make sure you grab some cash at the airport or at the hotel. We got a little too excited to start adventuring and forgot. Opps. Thankfully cabs accept credit cards.
On the way home we checked out the play areas in the Narita International Airport. Inchon spoiled me so I'll have to rate the area an "okay". At least it gave Sam a space to get her running around out before we got on the flight. Sam made a little friend and had a blast running around with him. I think the area was at best good for sippy cup sojourners 5 and below.

Overall the travel and hotel left little to be desired. As for Sam, she is an old pro. ;)


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