Sheep Cafe with a Toddler in Seoul, Korea

Baa! Sheep. In a cafe. In the middle of a city. HAHAHAH.... That has to be a joke right?! Nope! Thanks Nature Cafe in Hongdae, also known as Sheep Cafe, has exactly that. I'm starting to believe that anything is possible in Seoul, Korea. If you live in Seoul the truly exciting part isn't the sheep in the cafe, it's the free parking I found in Hongdae! If you drive past the Prugio building and go behind it, there is a parking lot. The cafe is on the basement level, right next to the parking lot.

I was a little worried that keeping sheep in a cafe would be gross but it was extremely clean. The staff was on top of picking up after the sheep. The sheep looked so fluffy and clean I was more than happy to let the kiddos play and feed them. The drinks and food we ordered did take a while to come out but when they finally made it to us everything was tasty. Well worth a trip with the kiddos!

SCS Fast Facts:
- Enough room for a stroller.
- Bathrooms outside establishment.
- Parking behind building.

GPS Address: Mapo-gu Seogyodong 486 (Seogyo Prugio Sangga B121 Zip 121-842)

Korean Address (마포구 서교동 486 서교푸르지오상가 B121, Seoul, Korea 121-842)