Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo with a Toddler

Senso-ji Temple
Tokyo's spiritual epicenter and the oldest temple site in Tokyo. Founded in 628.

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We headed to Sengo-ji Temple via subway. The signs pointed us right to it with no problem. For a complete entry on navigating the subway with a toddler check out the Tokyo subway entry.
For those feeling adventurous, push carts were available for rent. We saw several people loading in with suitcases, something tells me they wouldn't be opposed to hauling a stroller in the back.
Right in front of the main gate, Kaminarimon Gate, there is an information center that has a baby changing area.
We took the stroller and everything was very stroller friendly. To the right of the temple was a restroom with baby changing area. I'm thankful we took the stroller since Sam took a nap as soon as we arrived.
That gave us ample time to stroll, admire, and of course shop!

Once Sam woke up we headed to explore the streets surrounding the temple. To our delight, we found a kid's playground to the right of the restrooms (down the street about 1 min). We also found a coffee and ice cream shop on the same street. Ryan and I enjoyed the coffee break and Sam was smitten with her ice cream. 

SCS Fast Facts:
  • Stroller accessible (Be prepared to collapse the stroller in stores and restaurants.)
  • Baby changing area inside restroom and at the information center right outside the temple.