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Meigi Shrine in Tokyo with a Toddler

Meiji Shrine Shrine dedicated to Meiji Emperor (1868-1912) * For a complete list of all the Tokyo blog entries, check out the Travels by Locations tab.
We arrived to the shrine by subway and it was a short walk to the entrance. Sam even enjoyed walking there. The entrance to the shrine is spectacular with an 11m (36ft) Torii gate. The gate made me appreciate the size of the trees on the shrine grounds. 
The gravel paths were tough to push the stroller through. It made me miss my big wheeled stroller but it wasn't impossible. 
We let Sam walk freely and just pushed the diaper bag backpack in the stroller. The less weight the easier it was to push. 
If you're looking for an easier path to the the main Shrine walk along the side road to the right of the main entrance. 
This is the road the stores use to get products in and out. I'll admit far less scenic but it will get you there with ease, we used this path to leave the shrine grounds. 
The main shrine is fully wheelchair accessible…

Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens and Dome City in Tokyo with a Toddler

Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens  Special Historic and Scenic Park
* For a complete listing of all the Tokyo blog entries, check out the Travels by Location tab.

This was on our list of places we wanted to see in Tokyo. SCS Daddy and I have a soft spot for natural beauty and this seemed to fit the bill. The park boasts different amazing gardens each month of the year. It is in the heart of the city and was listed in Tokyo's Top 10. We brought our stroller along on this adventure since we knew we would be heading to another location after the gardens. 
Since we wanted to take all the trails, including the ones in the hills, we decided to lock up our stroller at the bike rack in front of the Garden Office and put Sam in her Ergo. (Yes, even at 2 years old she still loves it!) 
The entrance fee to the park was 300 Yen for mom and dad and Sam got in for free! (Perks of traveling while the kids are young.) To the left of the entrance is a restroom with a baby changing station.
Once inside we refe…

Ueno Imperial Park and Shrine in Tokyo with a Toddler

Ueno Imperial Park and Shrine Temples to Zoos, this Park has it all.
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As soon as we got out of the cab at Ueno Park the last thing on our minds was interesting things to see. We were starving! We decided to eat at the first place we saw which ended up being a Japanese restaurant on the 2nd floor above the subway stop. 

I was afraid of the quality considering the location but I was presently surprised and am now recommending it to my readers!
 The staff was more than happy to take our stroller and put it behind the front desk, they had ample high chairs, and kids meals were on the menu.
We planned on going to Ueno Park specifically to see the Shrine but we could have stayed there all day. There is a zoo, children's playground, National Science Museum, National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo Culture Hall, and a huge pond, just to name a few. 

We stopped by the information desk at the entrance o…