Zoo Kids Cafe in Seoul, Korea

There are so many reasons I love living in Seoul with a toddler! Baby and kid cafes have to top the list. Coming from the U.S at first glance I thought these cafes were watered down versions of Chucky Cheese.  Not at all! Baby and kids cafes are these wonderful places where the food is generally tasty, staff is available to help watch the kids, and moms can sit and eat an entire meal (not to mention an entire sentence) without a single interruption.

Although I enjoy all the cafes we go to, Sam and I have fallen in love with the Zoo Kid's Cafe in Songpa-gu. (Close to Lotte World) The staff is by far the most professional I've encountered. They not only instantly memorized which child belongs to which mother but they also remembered which stuffed animal my daughter was running around with. They learned my daughters shy demeanor and learned that she doesn't liked to be carried but enjoys playing with them on the floor. Sam warmed up to the staff and was even asking for hugs as we were leaving. On repeat visits the staff remembered my daughters name as well as mine. The cafe offers free wi-fi so on a few visits I have taken my computer along with me. I am able to get 3 hours of work in while Sam happily plays with the staff and comes by just to show me a new cool toy she has discovered. If they added a few treadmills I would be there everyday!
The food is priced fairly for a kids/baby cafe (Just expect to pay more.) and tastes very good. I have enjoyed every dish I've ordered. Sam's favorite is the chicken platter. Check out their menu HERE
The cafe also has a party room. They offer a party package for 25,000 Won per child which includes entrance fee and food. Sam is having her 2nd birthday there so I will update after her party!

Hours & Pricing
Monday- Sunday
10:00 am - 9:00 pm

8,000 Won for 2 hours (2,000 Won for every additional hour)
Bulk packages are also available- 12 visits for 80,000 Won.

GPS Address:
(6th Floor of the Academy Building)
Samjun-dong 1-3, Songpagu, Seoul 138-837
First turn off the main road.
This is the building where the cafe is. 6th floor.
Parking attendant will give you a receipt when entering. Have the cafe staff stamp it for you on the way out for free parking.
Telephone: 02-420-2040

Helpful Websites:
Korean Mommy Blogger  (lots of photos of the play areas)

**Photo Credit: Zoo Kids Cafe Website


  1. How did the party go at this location? And do you know that it is still open? The kid's cafes here tend to not stay around too long!

    1. The party was a hit with the parents and kids. We left Seoul so I am not sure if the cafe is still operating. If you call and find out please come back and share. :D


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