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Seokchon Lake with a Toddler in Seoul, Korea

Exercising with a toddler in tow is always a struggle, except if you have a beautiful place to walk or run with a stroller. Thankfully every time we have to go out to Jamsil or Lotte World we can stop at the Seokchon Lake and take a 2 mile walk around the lake and enjoy the fresh air and exercise together. The best part is during cherry blossom season the trees come to life, the lake even sponsors a cherry blossom festival and the Lotte World characters come out to take free pictures with the kids walking around the lake.
Sam enjoys getting out of the stroller on our walks to check out some of the stops around the lake. The lake is home to several fishes and ducks that love to be fed. 
After your walk if you need a little coffee pick me up stop by the restaurant, Cafe GOGOS. The restaurant has outdoor seating. Inside the cafe, animation memorabilia line the walls and tables. Sam gets a kick out of picking where she wants to sit. The burgers are delicious and they offer a cheese and nu…

Olympic Park with a Toddler in Seoul, South Korea

Sippy Cup Sojourner Daddy has been anticipating Cherry Blossom season since we moved to Seoul almost a year ago. He was so disappointed that we moved here just after the season ended.  After heading to a few other locations to see the blossoms and failing due to bad weather, lack of trees, and a few other reasons we finally got to see Cherry Blossoms in all their glory as well as have an amazing outing with Sam and our friends S.O. and Y!

Olympic Park was the sight of the 1986 Asian Games and the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. 

There is parking at the park just look for the "P" signs. You can also find a park map with parking locations on thepark's website.The park is huge so take a minute and stop by the information desk and pick up a map. The information desk also has a nursing room, perfect for changing diapers and getting in a quick feeding. Quick note: also available at the information desk is a Stamp Tour Map. Older kids would enjoy this. It's a map of everywhere …

Zoo Kids Cafe in Seoul, Korea

There are so many reasons I love living in Seoul with a toddler! Baby and kid cafes have to top the list. Coming from the U.S at first glance I thought these cafes were watered down versions of Chucky Cheese.  Not at all! Baby and kids cafes are these wonderful places where the food is generally tasty, staff is available to help watch the kids, and moms can sit and eat an entire meal (not to mention an entire sentence) without a single interruption.

Although I enjoy all the cafes we go to, Sam and I have fallen in love with the Zoo Kid's Cafe in Songpa-gu. (Close to Lotte World) The staff is by far the most professional I've encountered. They not only instantly memorized which child belongs to which mother but they also remembered which stuffed animal my daughter was running around with. They learned my daughters shy demeanor and learned that she doesn't liked to be carried but enjoys playing with them on the floor. Sam warmed up to the staff and was even asking for hugs a…

Toy Library in Seoul, South Korea

Sam owns roughly 9485093451083822754954 toys. As most mothers of toddlers quickly realize, very few toys have longevity when it comes to novelty and enjoyment for a toddler. As most homes in Seoul, our home is small. I can't fathom the thought of fitting in one more toy that will quickly become yesterday's news in our home. Once I heard of a toy library here in Seoul, I rushed to find more information. Toys that can be play with for a week, and when she tires of them I can exchange them for new ones.... SIGN ME UP! From what I gathered each district has it's own toy library. Some districts have more requirements for use than others. For example in Jamsil there is an income requirement. In our district of Yongsan there are no requirements other than residency in the district. The first time I went I was given an informational leaflet from the staff in English about the program and the requirements. (Sign up is free, as is rental, but there are steep late fees!) At the time …