Twinkle English Ballet in Seoul, Korea for a Toddler

Sam and I love staying busy. She loves all the classes we attend and as a teacher my heart just smiles when I see her learning new skills and socializing with her peer group. Typically in the U.S. I only saw ballet classes offered for older toddlers, starting somewhere around 3-4 years old. Thankfully here in Seoul, Korea I found it easy to find some ballet classes for little ones as well. We headed to the Shinsegae Department Store in Central City. On the 9th floor of the building is the Shinsegae Academy. Most department stores in Seoul have an academy or cultural center in their buildings. (I'Park, Lotte, Shinsegae ...) These academies offer reasonably priced classes for all age groups from infants (infant massage) to the elderly.

Shinsegae Academy

Academy Classrooms
I headed to the academy with not much more information than, there are toddler ballet classes offered there.
There is parking in the basement of the central city building.
View of Central City Shinsegae from the road.

Once again my Korean language skills are shamefully low so I had a little trouble communicating what I was looking for. Thankfully my good friend G. was there to help me out! Her Korean was just enough to get us signed up for the class. We were required to get a Shinsegae Point Card at the office next to the academy. Then we were able to sign up for the class with nothing more than our foreigner registration cards and our Shinsegae Point Cards. The receptionist gave us a receipt with the dates of the classes and room number. The class cost 100,000 Won for 12 weeks.

Customer Service where you sign up for a Shinsegae Card.

Although the class is listed as an English Ballet Class keep in mind the class is designed as an ESL (English as a Second Language) class. All the instructions to the children were given in English but the adults were directed in Korean. It was very easy to follow along and whenever I had a puzzled look after directions were given the teacher always made it a point to come over and explain in English what needed to be done.

On the first day of class books were available for purchase, 10,000 Won. The books came with a CD of the music from class. Sam adored her "ballet homework" and it encouraged us both to practice at home. When I played the CD for her in the car I would giggle as I watched her doing the dances in her car-seat from my rear-view mirror.

Also on the first day of class the teacher had a  catalog of ballet clothes and gear for sale. You can order all your little one needs right from the teacher, no need to hunt down the gear.

The class was really cute. There were several classes where the teacher did seasonal activities or brought in costumes for the kids to dress up and do different activities. 


 At the end of our 12 weeks Sam was given a certificate for her participation and a bracelet gift from the teacher.

At the end of the 12 weeks make sure to get the exact date the new sessions will be open for registration. Registration fills up fast, usually selling out the class within the first two days.

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