KOFIC Movie Studio with a Toddler in Korea

Have you ever wanted to just put a single toe over the line at the DMZ? No? Okay, maybe it was just me! Considering I enjoy being alive I wouldn't ever dare do it at the real DMZ. Thanks to the KOFIC Movie Studio in Korea I can get my picture and my life! ;) 

After we went ice fishing we stopped at the KOFIC movie studio on the way home. KOFIC is a major motion picture company in Korea. I imagined something similar to Universal Studios in the states but it's not even close. No fancy rides or large scale movie sets. There were two large sets on the grounds that made for fun pictures and areas to explore. I haven't watched as many Korean films as SCS Daddy but I did make time to watch JSA before we moved to Korea.  Of course, the JSA set was my favorite.
Parking was plentiful and the grounds were stroller friendly.

Old style Korean village set on the KOFIC grounds.

Inside museum to old Korean motion pictures.

Green screen play area.

Overall I'm not sure it would be worth a special trip just for the studio but since we were in the area it was perfect. Of course if you're like me and enjoy a laugh out load memorable picture, it might just be worth an afternoon. 

Hours & Prices:
March- October: 10:00-18:00 (Last entrance at 17:00)
November- February: 10:00-17:00 (Last entrance at 16:00)
Closed every Monday (Except Holidays), Closed on New Year's Day 

Adult: 3,000 Won
Student: 2,500 Won
Children: 2,000 Won

SCS Fast Facts  

  • Stroller Rentals Available at the General Information Office
  • Stroller accessible
  • Several outdoor areas, dress for the weather.

Useful Websites:
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