Gymboree Hannam in Seoul, Korea

"Come on everybody it's circle time, circle time, circle time, come on everybody it's circle time, here at Gymboree!" 
Nothing gets Sam into her coat, shoes, and hat faster than telling her we're going to Gymboree! We started our Gymboree Seoul adventures at the Lotte World Gymboree in Jamsil. After finding out there was a Gymboree MUCH closer to our house in Hannam-dong we switched our play and learn class closer to home. Not only can we get there in 10 min, we can drive and park ( 1.5 hour validation with class stamp), and it's in ENGLISH! I can finally help Sam during class instead of her showing me what the teacher is saying. :D As of the posting of this blog article the only class offered in English is play and learn.

The glass building directly under the green sign is where the Gymboree is.

The schedule changes each semester and changes with need. When most expats return home for the holidays two classes may be merged into one. It's best to call and ask for the most current schedule. I find the best time to call and be able to reach someone who can speak English (Shame on me for not being more fluent in Korean.) is first thing in the morning. The center opens at 10am. The doors are always open for walk-ins from 10 am to 4:00 pm Monday- Saturday.  Below you will find the current information for spring classes. Please call and double check this information has not changed before making any plans. (As of 27 March 2013, the information below is correct.)

The classes listed in blue ink with (E) are English play and learn classes.

I love having Gymboree during a holiday semester. They always go all out for the kids. This winter they threw a holiday party for them. They even had a fake sled ride for them and costumes. I'm not sure who was more excited, Sam or myself. 

Sam may rush to the door in the mornings because she wants to see Gymbo, her teacher, and friends but I rush to the door for a different reason. Sure Sam has a great time but the best part of our Wednesday routine is after class brunch with the mommies!  Right downstairs in the same building as Gymboree there is a restaurant called 5 Mile. The American brunch there comes with free refills of coffee for only 16,000 Won. The picture doesn't even do it justice. I mean, look closer, they put my bacon in the shape of a heart, that's how you know it's going to be good! If you have them stamp your receipt it validates your parking for 2 hours. (Tip: You can not add up the time in Gymboree and the restaurant. You can just use the longer time.)

The building is stroller accessible with ramps at the entrance and an elevator inside. 

GPS Address
258 Hannam-dong Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea

Helpful Websites:
Gymboree Korea (Map)


  1. Hi there - found your post while searching for options for my son, and wondered if you could tell me if the Hannam site is still open?

  2. Thanks - I wasn't sure, as the website wasn't working right. I will definitely have to go sign him up. We arrived recently and are missing our weekly Little Gym classes - hoping this will help.


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