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Gymboree Hannam in Seoul, Korea

"Come on everybody it's circle time, circle time, circle time, come on everybody it's circle time, here at Gymboree!"  Nothing gets Sam into her coat, shoes, and hat faster than telling her we're going to Gymboree! We started our Gymboree Seoul adventures at the Lotte World Gymboree in Jamsil. After finding out there was a Gymboree MUCH closer to our house in Hannam-dong we switched our play and learn class closer to home. Not only can we get there in 10 min, we can drive and park ( 1.5 hour validation with class stamp), and it's in ENGLISH! I can finally help Sam during class instead of her showing me what the teacher is saying. :D As of the posting of this blog article the only class offered in English is play and learn.

The schedule changes each semester and changes with need. When most expats return home for the holidays two classes may be merged into one. It's best to call and ask for the most current schedule. I find the best time to call and be able …

KOFIC Movie Studio with a Toddler in Korea

Have you ever wanted to just put a single toe over the line at the DMZ? No? Okay, maybe it was just me! Considering I enjoy being alive I wouldn't ever dare do it at the real DMZ. Thanks to the KOFIC Movie Studio in Korea I can get my picture and my life! ;) 

After we went ice fishing we stopped at the KOFIC movie studio on the way home. KOFIC is a major motion picture company in Korea. I imagined something similar to Universal Studios in the states but it's not even close. No fancy rides or large scale movie sets. There were two large sets on the grounds that made for fun pictures and areas to explore. I haven't watched as many Korean films as SCS Daddy but I did make time to watch JSA before we moved to Korea.  Of course, the JSA set was my favorite.
Parking was plentiful and the grounds were stroller friendly.

Old style Korean village set on the KOFIC grounds.

Inside museum to old Korean motion pictures.

Green screen play area.

Twinkle English Ballet in Seoul, Korea for a Toddler

Sam and I love staying busy. She loves all the classes we attend and as a teacher my heart just smiles when I see her learning new skills and socializing with her peer group. Typically in the U.S. I only saw ballet classes offered for older toddlers, starting somewhere around 3-4 years old. Thankfully here in Seoul, Korea I found it easy to find some ballet classes for little ones as well. We headed to the Shinsegae Department Store in Central City. On the 9th floor of the building is the Shinsegae Academy. Most department stores in Seoul have an academy or cultural center in their buildings. (I'Park, Lotte, Shinsegae ...) These academies offer reasonably priced classes for all age groups from infants (infant massage) to the elderly.

I headed to the academy with not much more information than, there are toddler ballet classes offered there.

Once again my Korean language skills are shamefully low so I had a little trouble communicating what I was looking for. Thankfully my good fri…