The Foam Car Wash Cafe with a Toddler in Seoul, Korea

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 There comes a point in the winter when the beautiful white snow turns into mushy grey slush, and then gets all over the cars. Yuck! 

There came a time this winter where I needed a wet wipe after I put the stroller in the trunk. It was time to wash the car! Then my procrastination set in, I would have to take Sam, who wants to stand outside in the winter, worst yet, who wants to sit in a gross auto shop waiting for the car to be finished with a bored toddler, *whine* I don't wanna go.....

Of course Seoul had my solution, I just didn't know about it. A car wash cafe! I headed to the Foam Car Wash Cafe using the GPS address below. (Took me right where I needed to go.)

44-66 Itaewon 1(il)-dong Yongsan-gu, SeoulKorea 
Across the street from the Infiniti dealership.
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 I drove up to the curb and an attendant waved me up and asked me to get out of my car. I handed over my keys, told the attendant I would like the outside and inside of my car washed.  I wrangled Sam out of her carseat and headed into the cozy, warm, adorably car-themed cafe! No high-chairs so make sure to take your totseat along. We ordered some delicious coffee, some cute "wiper fluid" lemonade, and banana bread. Everything was delicious. Sam was happy to play some her games, eat yummy treats and hang out with mommy in the cozy cafe (they even have blankets to snuggle with) while our car got detailed. A complete detailing of our car (any mom of a toddler will know, that's no easy task) took 45mintues. Not only were my tires gleaming, I think I would have let Sam eat off the car mats! They washed them! I'm not sure what it says about how our car looked before the visit or the great work of The Foam CarWash Cafe but even Sam took a double look when I went to put her in the car.

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  1. Does this place speak English and could you provide the address in korean? I can't seem to locate this place on naver. Thanks for your post :)


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