Phi Phi Island Speed Boat Trip & Koh Kai Island Tour with A Toddler

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On our recent trip to Phuket, Thailand we booked all of our tours with the Easy Day Thailand Tour Company. We were able to book all of our tours prior to our departure which gave me ample opportunity to pack exactly what Sam was going to need on each tour. SCS Daddy and I knew we wanted to snorkel and spent some time playing rock-paper-scissors before we realized we could just bring Sam in the water with us as long as we planned for it! Added perk, children under 3 are FREE!

For our second day in Phuket we ventured out on Easy Day Thailand's Phi Phi Speed Boat Trip & Koh Kai Island tour. The website outlined exactly what our timeline was going to be for the day. We decided to take the speed boat instead of the larger boat mostly because Sam gets motion sickness and we figured, the less time on a moving boat, the better. Thankfully because of all the fresh air Sam was perfectly fine on the boat. She didn't mind it at all. In fact the white noise from the engine even helped to put her to sleep during her nap time.

We were picked up by private van at our hotel first thing in the morning and taken to the docks where we were going to board our speed boat.
 The staff was extremely well organized for the amount of people they had coming in. Everyone was spoken with, given a colored sticker, and even offered coffee and tea.

 At the dock a man was walking around selling fish food. We were attempting to pass on the food but Sam had decided she loved the colors and couldn't live without the package. I decided to pick my battles and just buy the cheap fish food. Honestly, I thought it was a scam. I was wrong, you'll see later on in the blog why. My advice, BUY THE FISH FOOD!
 At the dock there is a map showing the boat routes. Our tour guide showed us where we were heading before we took off. Well worth it to pay attention, it helped to put a mental imagine in my mind as we were hopping from one beach to the next.
 On our first stop to Mosquito Island. Although overcrowded it was amazing to be able to swim with so many fish right next to your feet. Sam already loved having her floating boat with her. Daddy and Mommy were able to relax and enjoy the water while Sam happily bobbed along. This stop was the first opportunity to feed the fish. They are not shy at all. Sam would throw out a ball and they would all come right up to the surface. She was yelling "fish, fish, fish" the whole time with her eyes completely lit up. *mommy joy*

 There were a few people walking around with monkey's for "rent" to take pictures with.
 Chairs and umbrellas came at an additional cost. There were stalls to buy bathing suits, towels, toys, food, drinks, almost anything you could need. We bought coconut water straight from the source, leaned back, and took in the amazing smell of ocean water. We didn't spend much time here before we headed on to our next island and lunch!
 Next stop was at Koh Yao island for some private beach time and a barbeque lunch. The restaurant also had a pet monkey we could stop and take pictures with. He was very sweet and even let Sam hold him.
 Lunch was amazing! The BBQ was so fresh and filling! Portion sizing were large and we ate it all up! YUM!

 We were able to spend a long time relaxing after lunch. Sam even kicked off her shoes and spent some time just cuddling with mom under the umbrella.

 The private beach was by far my favorite. A full belly, no crowds, crystal clear water and white beaches as far as the eye could see.... perfection!
  Heads up, we did see jelley fish in the water. Thankfully no where near the swimming areas.

 We then set of back on the boat to visit Viking Cave. The speedboat windows make it a little difficult to see some of the sights so make sure you sit near one of the ends to get the best views.
  Speedboats apparently make wonderful white noise, perfect way to put baby/toddler right to sleep after playing on the beach.

 All the beaches we visited had restroom facilities. Most of them came with a usage charge. Thankfully our boat had a restroom we were free to use between island stops.

 On our way to snorkel we stopped at monkey island. We weren't able to get off the boat but we did stop and were able to take a few pictures. Unfortunately we didn't have any monkey sightings.

 We stopped off the coast of Nui Island to do some off boat snorkeling. The part Sam's Dad and I were very excited about! It did not disappoint. This is where the fish food comes in handy yet again.

When we threw food off the boat or as we were swimming the fish just swim straight to the top of the water, amazing.
 We lowered Sam into the water with her floating tub and she got to enjoy all the fishes as well. It worked out perfectly. We were able to both be in the water snorkeling at the same time while Sam got to splash around.
 After snorkling we headed to our last island beach.
 The day was wrapping up and Sam's usual dinner time was fast approaching. Thankfully our tour guide was able to direct us to a food stand on the far end of the beach. We stopped in and ordered Sam and ourselves a quick meal before heading home. I'm so thankfully we did since we didn't get back to our hotel until after 7pm and Sam wanted nothing more than to sleep.

 At the end of the tour the man video taping the group during the whole trip will offer you the DVD set of your adventure. We bought it since there were many times he shot our family snorkeling unfortunately none of those shots made the DVD. In hindsight I would have skipped out on the DVD.

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  1. I want to take Phi -Phi island tour by speed boat on August.
    But I bring infants (10 month) and child (3 years old) Do you think its safety for them.

    1. Hi! As for safety I don't think you'll have a problem. The boat we took was a large speed boat with a covered overhead. No issues of safety. I highly suggest bringing the kids properly sized life jackets, as they did not have them available for use on the boats. Every child is different so here are a few things to consider when deciding on the speed boat instead of the large passenger ship. The speedboat is loud (some children may get frightened and not like it). Also the boat was cramped with people and gear in the middle. My daughter didn't mind sitting on my lap the whole time and nursing. Some children might get frustrated at the lack of moving space. The speedboat is the fastest way to get to all the islands on the tour though so at least they would not be stuck on a boat for extended periods of time between islands. Every mom knows their child best. I hope I've given you a good idea of what to expect so you can make the best decision for your family. We adored Phuket, I hope you have a wonderful trip as well! Thanks for stopping by my site! :D

  2. Thank you for this post. We will be traveling to Phuket with our daughter, who will be turning two on our trip, and I felt like there would be certain things we would have to give up, because we had such a young child. This is an encouragement and I am looking forward to it again. :) Amy


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