Baby & Toddler & Kid Gear for Phuket, Thailand

Top 10 Items to Buy for a Vacation to 
Phuket for a Baby, Toddler, or Kids

1. Bug Spray: When the hotel puts a bottle of bug spray next to the shampoo daily, it's a sign that this can't be forgotten!

2. Sunscreen: Traveling with a baby or toddler in the summer months requires lots and lots of sunscreen. While there are plenty of opportunities to buy sunscreen in Phuket, chemical-free sunscreen for babies was nowhere to be seen. Stock up before you leave! 

3. Infant or Toddler Life Vest: I really wish I would have thought about this one before we left. Although adult life vests were on each of the water adventures, children's life vests were not.

4. Water Shoes: Another item I wish I would have picked up for Sam before heading to Phuket. Her flip flops were adorable  but chasing her down to put them on and take them off on the beach was more work than we needed. Pick up a pair of water shoes and kick up your feet! 

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5. Full Rash Guard: I'm a huge fan of sunscreen but sometimes it's nice to just have to slather less on. Having a full rash guard for Sam was a huge help on our travels in Thailand. Her rash guard even had a hood for head, hair, and face protection. Her hat would end up floating in the pools and having the hood was helpful in protecting her delicate skin. 

6. Infant Floating Tube: Having a place to put a little sippy cup sojourner while enjoying all the water comes in handy. Having a floating tube while snorkeling was a must. Even as strong swimmers there was no way we could have held Sam while we were snorkeling.                                                                  

7. Reusable Swim Diaper: Why waste money on disposables when reusable diapers work exactly the same way and can be used several times. We took 2 swim diapers for Sam and just used them interchangeably. As we were island hopping we just used the same one all day since we had to change her into a dry diaper and clothes every time we boarded the boat.

8. Mesh Baby Sling or Carrier: Although I am a huge fan of my Ergo, rarely leaving home without it, it was hot to carry Sam in 90+ degree F weather. My mesh wrap was a lifesaver in the hot temperatures.

9. Light Linen Clothes: I had some luck finding some light linen clothing for Sam on Don't stress much because there are tons of opportunities to buy light linen clothes in Thailand! 

10. Hand Fan: It's hot in Phuket! Bring something to help keep you and the little sippy cup sojourner cool!

Things to Leave at Home

1. Beach Toys- these were sold all over the beaches for about $2. Worth it to save some space and weight in the suitcase.

2. Stroller- almost everywhere we went wasn't stroller friendly. If you must bring one to navigate the airport or resort pack a small umbrella stroller.

3. Carseat- I already know not everyone is going to agree with this one but unless you are renting a car better to leave it at home. The tour vans we took to a location were never the same ones that picked us up so we would have had to carry it with us. (Carseat in a canoe?) The tuk-tuks did not even have seatbelts. Most children in Phuket are driven around in the front of their parents mopeds. I wouldn't suggest going that far! 

4. Beach Towels- Save the suitcase space and borrow from the hotel. Most hotels have pool/beach towel renting services. 

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