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Baby & Toddler & Kid Gear for Phuket, Thailand

Top 10 Items to Buy for a Vacation to  Phuket for a Baby, Toddler, or Kids

1. Bug Spray: When the hotel puts a bottle of bug spray next to the shampoo daily, it's a sign that this can't be forgotten!

2. Sunscreen: Traveling with a baby or toddler in the summer months requires lots and lots of sunscreen. While there are plenty of opportunities to buy sunscreen in Phuket, chemical-free sunscreen for babies was nowhere to be seen. Stock up before you leave! 

3. Infant or Toddler Life Vest: I really wish I would have thought about this one before we left. Although adult life vests were on each of the water adventures, children's life vests were not.

4. Water Shoes: Another item I wish I would have picked up for Sam before heading to Phuket. Her flip flops were adorable  but chasing her down to put them on and take them off on the beach was more work than we needed. Pick up a pair of water shoes and kick up your feet! 

5. Full Rash Guard: I'm a huge fan of sunscreen but sometim…

Customeized Private Phang Nga Bay Tour in Phuket with a Toddler

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Almost every traveler knows the frustration of the last day of vacation. Check out is usually early in the morning, flight doesn't leave until much later and you're stuck with your bags and no place to call home. It almost seems like a waste of a vacation day. Instead of begging the hotel to keep our luggage, having to come back from an outing to retrieve it, and then heading to the airport we decided to put the Easy Day Thailand tour company to the test. I wrote them an e-mail and outlined our problem. We wanted to do a few things that were not available on a set tour and we wanted to be able to get dropped off at the airport at the end of our day with our luggage. They took my challenged and really earned all the great reviews I read about them before we left Korea. They set up a custom private tour just for us. We got our own private tour bus…