Drive-In Movie with a Toddler in Seoul, Korea

My husband and I haven't been on a couples date in over 2 years. We've gone on family dates since Sam was born. We love bringing Sam to dinner because she entertains us, and more than anything else, watching my husband play with our daughter makes me fall in love with him all over again. Why leave all that at home? The one type of date we thought was long gone was a trip to the movies. Who wants a talking, fussy baby or toddler interrupting the movie? When I caught wind that there were drive in movie theaters in Seoul I got excited. We could bring Sam with us to the movies, entertain her, talk, and eat whatever we wanted and never bother anyone! Perfection! Sam decided to take a long and late nap this weekend so the timing was perfect. She was going to be up late anyways so we loaded up the car with snacks, blankets, toys, and Elmo! The movie we wanted to see started at 7:10pm. (There are two screens and several show times so check the website before heading out.)

Our GPS had no problems finding the theater. Here is the address we used.

Seoul, Songpa Gu, Jamsil Dong, 1168-1

Keep an eye out for these signs!

You'll enter what looks like a bus parking lot but you are there, trust me! 
Grab a ticket and follow the red arrows through the bus parking. At the entrance to the theater you'll pay and get your parking ticket stamped. We paid 20,000 won. The attendant will give you the radio frequency the movie will be played on. If your radio doesn't work you wont be able to hear the movie. 

We drove into our spot, let Sam roam loose in the car (I think this was her favorite part, after always having to be in her carseat) and settled in for a good movie. We sent daddy to scope out the goodies in the snack trailer. He came back with popcorn, coffee, and Aloe Juice. Yum! 
Snack Area


Since you must keep the battery of your car on to listen to the radio we were able to run the heat while watching the film.

Sam played in the back, read books, watched her Elmo shows, came up to the front to cuddle with us, and snacked. It was just like being able to watch a theater movie in our living rooms, perfection!

When you visit the theater's website you will see 2 movie posters on the left hand side of the screen. These are the movies playing in theaters now. The show times are listed to the right of the posters, above the orange button. Yes, they play movies in English, just not everyday. Check back often!

Helpful Websites:

Theater Website


  1. Awesome!!!
    What did you see? Was it in English?

  2. Yes. It was in English. We watched Jack Reacher. From what I gather they play English movies often but since they only have 2 screens you have to keep an eye out on their website for when the English movies are playing.


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