N Seoul Tower with a Toddler

When my husband and I lived in NYC it took us 2 years to visit the statue of liberty. Perhaps it's the city affect. I'm happy to say it didn't take us nearly as long to visit Seoul Tower, only 7 months. We decided to get a little exercise and walk up to the cable car instead of taking the elevator. That was a mistake. There was no scenery or sidewalks. I highly suggest taking the elevator. You can find the elevator on Sogong-Ro(between Toegye-Ro and the Namsan 3-tunnel, near the Myung Dong Subway Station and the Hoehyun Subway Station). For a map click HERE
Before we even went up Sam and I were already complaining to our SCS Daddy that we were already hungry. We stopped and ate at a nice restaurant on the road leading up to the cable car building. If you have the cable car building behind you go left down the road.  The service was pleasant, the traditional Korean food was delicious, the prices were fair, and they had high chairs! 
The cable car was 8,000 Won/pp for a round trip fair. This is the building you're looking for. 
There is a little convenience store next to the ticket booth as well as a bathroom. 
We stood at the front of the gondola and Sam loved it. (SCS mommy didn't bother looking down.)  

If you're even slightly claustrophobic I suggest taking the bus to the top of Namsan mountain. 
Once at the top of the mountain, the tourist experience explosion is everywhere. 
There is everything from traditional Korean warriors, to Cold Stone Creamery. 

If your Sippy Cup Sojourner runs out of wipes or needs a band-aid check out the Olive Young store at the base of the tower. 
We checked out several of the exhibits and then headed over to see the main attraction, the tower. 
The ticket booth for the observatory is to the right of the entrance. Sam was free but she got a free Seoul tower puzzle from the cashier. For a map of the tower levels click HERE. As for kid activities in the tower you can find a Teddy Bear Museum, an area with arcade games, and photo spots. 
On the observatory level there is a stuffed animal store that Sam loved. There are also Christmas cards with an area where you can send the cards directly from the top of the tower!

Want to send your Holiday cards from the top of Seoul Tower?

Did I take enough pictures of stairs to convince you to leave the stroller at home? *wink*

SCS Fast Facts
- Cable car and tower entrances are free for kids under 4.
- Skip the stroller and wear your SCS, lots and lots of stairs.
- Pack layers it's colder up there!
- Nursing room is located at the base of the tower.

Getting There:
If you're going by cable car elevator you can find it on Sogong-Ro(between Toegye-Ro and the Namsan 3-tunnel, near the Myung Dong Subway Station and the Hoehyun Subway Station.)

Helpful Websites:
Cable Car Site
Seoul Tower Site
Virtual Views on Visit Seoul.net


  1. Awww. I love the first pic of the family. Your daughter is just too precious!!

  2. Sam is one lucky girl! She got the chance to travel around the globe at a fairly young age~~ Say Hi to the cutie~~ ^^


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