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Sokcho, South Korea with a Toddler

We were recently invited by wonderful friends of ours here in Seoul to spend a weekend in Sokcho with them. After hearing that Gangwon-do is known for its post-card perfect scenery we just couldn't resist! Good friends in an amazing place, perfect! The area is where a lot of Seoulites escape for the weekend. Several large companies have employee resorts in the area. We were privileged to stay in the KoRail resort since our friends work for the company. The resort was perfectly situated right on the coast with stunning views of the ocean from our room balcony!
Sokcho is right on the coast line of the East Sea. With mountains hitting beautiful beaches and a pristine sea, it felt as though every spot we went to was just waiting for a picture. The area is an adventure seekers dream with everything from difficult mountain hiking paths, canoeing, camping, biking, and even bungee jumping available. With toddlers in tow you wont find much information on those activities in this blog but w…