Seoul Lantern Festival at Cheongyecheon River Walk with a Toddler

Cheongyecheon River Walk is hosting the Seoul Lantern Festival from Nov. 2 ~ Nov. 18, 2012. For directions to the Cheongyecheon River Walk and more check out my blog post about it HERE.  We got there around 7pm and the line took us roughly 30min to get through. The line looked extremely long, winding into the street, but it moved very quickly. The crowd control the line provided was nice so I didn't have to worry about crowds of people swarming around a river while Sam was running around. The subway in evenings are extremely crowded so we decided to wear Sam and it allowed us quick access in and out of the subway and flexibility when maneuvering around the crowds of people at the festival. Although there are usually several entrances into the River Walk during the festivities they only have one point of entrance (look for the giant shell statue) and employees blocking all others and allowing exit only for all the other openings. 
Sam and SCS Daddy waiting in line at the entrance.
Even though we skipped bedtime Sam enjoyed her evening out. She ooed and ahhed at all the lanterns floating out on the river. She even got to enjoy clowns walking on stilts under the bridge!  
Here are a few more photos of the event! Well worth the trip!

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