Incheon Airport With A Toddler

After our recent trip to San Diego from Seoul, I decided Incheon Airport earned a blog post all its own! Talk about a toddler mom's dream airport! Let's just say this airport is light years away from Ryan Air in Europe!

Getting There

There are a few routes to the Incheon Airport from Seoul center. There are bus stops sprinkling the city that have buses leaving almost every 20-30 minutes heading for the airport. There is also the possibility of driving (I didn't dare even look at the price of parking for over 10 days!). The next option, and the one we decided on, is the subway!  Added perk of taking the train, the view!

The airport railroad is it's own line. There are two options, the commuter and the express AREX trains. We opted for the Commuter Train at the cost of a few minutes in speed because we liked the subway seating option better than the bus style seating. It turned out very nicely. Since the commuter train was set up like a subway car we had a stroller parking area. There were also luggage racks at the end of each car for storing suitcases. We took advantage of the extra leg room and let Sam stand between our feet as often as she liked during the hour long trip. We started our journey from Itaewon and only encountered one set of stairs that did not have an elevator. Other than that traveling with suitcases and a stroller was no problem.

The Airport
Ah, the perfect airport for traveling with children! The subway took us right into the airport. (No need to put our coats back on.)
As we entered the first thing we saw was the ice skating rink! Perfect for older kids who want to do something fun!
I'm so thankful we got to the airport as early as possible. We were able to grab a delicious snack, then dinner, then Sam got to play in 2 of the several play rooms in the airport.

Look for the teddy bear and ball signs! Those are the play areas!
Before we left I downloaded the Incheon Airport App and I was able to check out flight status, and have the terminal maps right on my phone.

I also downloaded the Fly Korea App which has a nice information section with parking fare payment procedures, bus stop maps, lost and found information, and a great map of the airport railroad.
Inside the airport there is a Korean experience center where one can dress up in traditional clothing and have photos taken. There are even showers in the airport in case of sippy cup sojourner explosions! 

Check out the Airport Railroad Website before you head out to find all there is to do in this amazing airport! There is a reason it has won world's best airport 7 times! 

(2/2013 Update) In our recent visit to Incheon we stopped and at the Cafe View restaurant. The restaurant had a wonderful atmosphere. The staff was friendly and were more than happy to set Sam up with a highchair, toddler utensils, customized order, and a lidded drink. Added perk is that the restaurant is before the security check so a perfect place to have a farewell meal with departing friends.

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